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What should I do? I think I'm depressed.

         I'm a seventeen year old girl and I think I might be depressed. I don't do drugs or drink any alcohol, and I don't cut myself. I am a fairly popular kid in highschool. I used to think I was normal, but I just realised today that I haven't been acting like myself lately. My grades have dropped (I used to get 90's, now I barely get 70's) because I have trouble concentrating. I have been feeling angry and have had many mood swings that my friends and family have noticed. I cry myself to sleep for absolutely no reason. I often feel very sad. I'm not suicidal, however I have thought about it (just of what would happen, not of actually commiting it). I don't go out anymore, I barely call or text my friends, and I have been a little unsociable lately. I used to want to apply to a very competitive college but now I don't think I'm smart enough. The activities I used to enjoy I avoid now. I was at a concert a week ago, one that I have been dreaming to go to all my life, because they're British and never come to the US, and while in line, I seriously thought about just going home and sleeping. I also have noticed that my sleeping habits have changed, I can barely sleep. My eating habits haven't changed much; I used to be really thin, and I have gained ten pounds, but I think that is really normal, you can't even tell I gained weight. I've been feeling really sad, and thought that the whole world has been bleak and lifeless. I feel like the world is experiencing a great depression, however when I asked someone about if they remember being happier a year ago, they replied that they feel the same.

I do not want to admit to my family that I am feeling depressed, because I think they will feel like I want attention. That's the opposite of what I want. I have been trying to hide my feelings as much as possible but aparently it's not working because people have noticed I don't act like I did before.

However, that being said, I'm not sulking around 24/7, I do go to work, and have conversations with people. So what should I do? Should I try to see if it wears off? I don't really think it is that important or serious to see a doctor or go on medication. Is there a way to cure it by myself? I don't really want anyone to know that I am depressed unless I need to. Also therapy wont work; I'm just not that type of person.
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ok, a couple things, the first being that therapy wont work...I used to think the same thing at your age and when my parents finally sent me I HATED IT! That being said I am now 20 and still going to therapy...it does help because you can tell them all about being depressed and not being able to tell your parents. It takes the edge off of being depressed. Next, I would suggest going to your doctor (general physician or pediatrician) and asking them what to do about your being depressed, and ask them not to tell your parents (I'm almost positive that they're not allowed to tell your parents) The possibility is that you can find things to do on your own to help "get rid of" this depressed feeling (exercise is a good way to get endorphins) but if it gets worse or continues for a long period of time I would suggest seeing a doctor about getting medication. There are however plenty of "natural remedies" for depression and I don't mean homeopathic stuff I mean things like exercise, joining a club, that sort of thing. Because its effecting your sleep it is more serious than you would like to admit. Sleep regulates your body and if you aren't  getting enough it could throw everything out of whack. If you don't want to tell a doc about the depression at least tell them about the sleeping issues, and maybe they can help! also talking to people (whether it be friends, family, or even online) can help tremendously. best of luck to you!
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Im an 18 yr old boy and i think im depressed i feel like my past is haunting me i hate feeling like that i have suicidal thoughts i feel like people are just putting on an act so they dont hurt my feelings wat should i do?
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im a fifteen year old girl almost 16. im just like the other girl almost exactly except im definately not popular in school. people tell me all the time i have really bad temper issues outside of school. in school im quite and dont really talk to anyone. i think im depressed too but i dont want to tell my mom. i dont want to have to explain why cause quite frankly i dont know exactly why. looking back at my whole life it basically sucked so i dont have exact reasons. i feel like i dont know who i am recently and i think that is a big part of it. idk. i just have a lot on my brain.
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all of these stories sound like me expessially the first one so what should i do in order to make it all go away. ohh and i ddnt gain any wieght though. but i hide my emotions and always try to act happy, i cry myself to sleep, used to cut myself, and now my life is close to become some one elses business.
teachers at my skul are always up my *** and they just wont leave me alone. srry bout the cussing. but every since i started middle skul i've felt tht no matter what happens i'm always goin to be like this.
but when i hang with my friends they can tell when i'm unhappy but most of the time i get reall sad for no reason at all.
my email to face book is

if some one out there can understand what i am going through than plz send a request and ask top chat plz.

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I say go to a therapist attack it now before it gets worse. You do NOT want to be like me at all. Difference is im 14. If you have someone to talk to maybe some stranger it might make you feel better, but real advice from a licensed therapist will help the most. Idk about you but where I live there are little centers were you can walk in and its a group of girls going through issues too kinda like an AA meeting but your not an alchoholic so yeah its something like that and its great because you know you have a support system and what is being discussed in there stays in there. It can cause you to build really great friendships too.

I think help online doesnt have the same personal effect because in real life you know they are near by and they are telling you that you can succeed and you can be something!

If it helps I believe in you. You dont HAVE to get into an ivy college. Most of them are stuck up anyways as I heard on studentsreview.com

You can get the same quality education and a good job going to a good college , a small one, online courses. Ivy leagues just have connections and as soon as your gone so will the connections be.

(: so just enjoy life and remember there are people who support you!!
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im 14 years i have a really bad feeling that theres something wrong with me, im popular in school have loads of friends and the older lads really good to me. i go out a good bit text all the time which is a bad thing i cant go anywer without thinking about my phone and if i have a message. i come home to my parents practilly screaming, if they ask me questions i get pure thick, if they say no to letting me go out i get a really bad anger and think of lots of bad things... 4 of my close friends have commit sucide .. ino its not the answer but im really depressed lately i sound like a spoilt little ***** ino but i really need help my friends being gone is a major thing for me even though i have loads still i cant talk to my parents a teacher or a friend... i dont no what to do..
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i know this sounds like a smart allec answer, but go to church.  Ive had severe depression spells since January, and the only thing that truly helps me is calling on god to hold me in his hand that night, the nights i really just want to end everything i can feel him tugging on my heart.  Take this from someone who truly knows what your going through. i promise youll find something there. and i know what your thinking, were a bunch of hypocrites and judgemental arrogant christians.  But i swear someone in there will embrace you.  It might be a person, it might even be Jesus. but nothing else will satisfy you as much as his love because we were carved from his palm to love and be loved by God.  i hope this helps, but remember suicide will never be the answer. i promise, my grandpa would tell me its a permanent solution for a temoporary problem.

i love you and ill pray for you. please hear me out and try it.
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it so weird how i feel the same as you do about most of the things you have written. im a pretty pouplur kid, people constinly tell me hpw beatiful i am and how fun i am. see the thing is i go out to partiess and things like a normal 14 year old girl. but when im with a hug amout of people i try and hide this so i dont draw attention to myself. at my friends party last night and i tryed and cover it up but something was borthering me. last nighi was at a friends house and all of the sudden started eatning and eating and i walked to a into the bathroom casually and started crying. i bent down near the toliet and was about to throw up, but then i stopped. i told  my friends about this and all there respone are maybe you should tell your parent, the thing is my parents arent the tpye that would understand, they would t comfort me and send my thyperst which i would dread and all i want is to be left alone. (i have never throw up on purpose by the way)
          i feel like im not good at anything, and i also cry my self to sleep most nights. its not that i have this horrsible life my familys great, i have a boyfiends thats amazing. i just feel like something missing out of me. i feel so hollow inside.  and that there is nothing special about me. nothing im good at.

what do you think we should do? should i see a therpist on my own? should i leave it alone until it feel happy again? please help
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I am very quiet teenage girl at school but when im at home im my normal loud self to my family.I have one or two good friends at school but im very shy when they see there old friends and talk to them.At home im always on my laptop watching eastenders or listening to music,when im away from my laptop i always think im missing something that is happening on it but when i finally get on it i just feel bored.
I sometimes sit in my room and cry for no reason i feel depressed most of the time and i dont feel my self at all i want to tell my mum who i know will understand but i just cant as im scared. I know im nothing like my family who are very popular confident people, i feel like the black sheep in my family and i dont know if im suffering from teen depresion or if im just a confused teen.I know i've been feeling this way for a long time but i just know my family might think im attention seeking.Whenever im forced to go outside im always on edge thinking ill see one of the popular kids at my school while im out with my mum i just dont know what to do anymore cd any body offer any advice ? Do i tell my mum and hope she believes me or do i leave it and hope it solves its self ?
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I'm depressed for a whole other reason when I was little my mum and dad broke up I'm now 13 and I've started missing my dad I see him every second weekend but I miss him soo much I love my mum heaps aswell but I've lived with her soo long I even get depressed at my dads thinking how painful it's gonna be when I leave him again.  

I'm just soo depressed I also get depressed thinking who made the world and if it was god who Made humans who made him but mostly I miss my dad can anyone help if you could I'd be very grateful to you.
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I've just turned 13 and I've started feeling major depression it swallows my life stile ive figured out why I'm depressed it's because my mum and dad broke up when I was little and I've lived with my mum and see my dad every second weekend. I've seen therapists before they don't help me at all. I don't know how I can fix the problem i've thought of suicide many times to escape the pain . But I'd never see anyone again I vry my self to sleep I ring him all the time how do I fix this unbarable pain if anyone can help it will be highly appreciated
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I'm depressed for a whole other reason when I was little my mum and dad broke up I'm now 13 and I've started missing my dad I see him every second weekend but I miss him soo much I love my mum heaps aswell but I've lived with her soo long I even get depressed at my dads thinking how painful it's gonna be when I leave him again.  

I'm just soo depressed I also get depressed thinking who made the world and if it was god who Made humans who made him but mostly I miss my dad can anyone help if you could I'd be very grateful to you.
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