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i dont know what this is, maybe anxiety.

i'm 16 and since few months i've started to feel nostalgic for even past week or day, i sometimes also feels stressed and anxious for the future, like i feel something isn't right, present isn't gonna last long and when i thinks about my future and my career i just gets scared somehow and i feels really pissed, i feel like future will be bad, nothing will be in my hands. i feels like i just wanna run away though knowing there's no way out. i once just cried while in my bed for no ******* reason, i really feels something uncertain and really bad is gonna happen.

P.S:- I don't wanna talk about this to anyone face-to-face.
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I know it's been awhile since you posted this, but you moatlikely have some sort of anxiety (I could be wrong I am not a doctor). I am going through the same type of thing were the future doesn't seem so great. I have recently started to see a therapist. I can't really tell you if it will help or not because I have only been to one appointment. Even though you don't want to talk to anyone face to face it could help. There are also other options like talking to someone over the phone. I hope this helps you out in anyway possible. I know on the really bad days it can seem like the future is scary but if you ever have a good day and think I can do this than you have to think about that on the bad days. I hope you get better or have gotten better. Just always have hope that tomorrow will be better even if it seems like it won't.
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