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i think i need help

I really need help.
Lately or really for the past couple of months ive been feeling like nothing is right, i feel like im the ugliest and worst person in the world, my friends tell me im not but i just wont belive them idk why. i havent been able to sleep and for some reason i feel like im not really in control of my life or something, like im just watching myself do stuff throughout the day. Ive been totally outta it and i cant seem to enjoy the things i used to. i just dont feel the same motivation to do anything throughout the day. i feel like im just i dnt know how to explain it. at random times i will just break down crying for almost no reason. im always putting myself down thinking everything is my fault. i always have a negative outlook on life. i dnt feel the same. and i have a problem with self-mutilation. i always feel the need to hurt myself, like i deserve it and that i always screw things up. i feel like i should just give up on life. and i think about suicide daily..(but i wont kill myself i just fell like i should). so i think i might have depression but i dnt really know so i need to know.
Do i have depression?
or is it all in my head?
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It definitely sounds like u have seveal symptoms of depression, altho only a professional can diagnose u. Have u tried seeking help?
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It sounds to me like you're depressed.  There is a lot of support here, but you're going to want to talk to a professional,  Your school counselor or your primary care provider can refer you to someone.  
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hi cute little angel

all the symptoms u have had felt , thats bc of hormonal changes .
rtnow u r in puberty phase.
Your body is changing; your moods may be unpredictable and sometimes even unexplainable. Don't worry. These changes during your teen years are normal.

During your teenage years, various things may make you sad or get you down. For example, if someone makes fun of your clothes or if you don't do well on a test for which you thought you were prepared. But if you constantly are upset about something, you could be depressed. Depression is a mental illness, but it is treatable once it is accurately diagnosed. Many teenagers experience depression.

Take the following quiz:

Do you cry more now than you used to?
Do you think your life is hopeless or meaningless?
Do you have a hard time sleeping, either sleeping too much or falling asleep at night?
Do you spend more time alone than you used to?
Do you ever think of hurting yourself?
Do you often feel worn out?
Have you gained or lost weight in the last month or two?
Have you felt unusually irritable lately?
How is your appetite? Are you overeating or undereating?
If you answered "yes" to several of these questions, talk to someone about getting help and feeling better. This person could be a teacher, a coach, your parent, an older sibling, or someone else you trust, but TALK WITH SOMEONE. Take a few minutes to make a list of people who you can call.

trying to bussy urself in sports , physical activities.

adopt a pet like dog, cat, bird   etc.........

god bless u ......
take care
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Dear Emily,
     I started writing u last night and had the page pretty covered w/everything I wanted to say,but now I get to start all over.I really don't what to say except to hold on to life. It is so prescious( if I spelled that right)...who cares If I spelled a word wrong...u knew what I meant.That's what I am talking @. You shouldn't be worried right now @ things..just enjoying life and all it has to offer.You're so young. I wish I could go back and do it all over again...sometimes.lol:)
      I hope u are doing fine. I have been where u are, several times in my life and there is only one thing that will fill that gap. I just know because everytime I have been in a funk..or my life feels like It's spinning out of control. Believe it or not...so many people feel this way and there is only one God. He is the only answer. If u would just read when u feel this way and get into what is said and pray that He will come to u and help u...only if u ask. He says to knock and the door will open. It is so true.I have my Bible in the bathroom. Everytime I sit to do whatever I have to do...I read. It is so uplifting. Read James, it tells how to do daily living. I love that book. I am not going to talk to much @ Him. I know some people might find it offensive. I only want to help give u hope and never to hear the words suicide.I think @ my two boys and hope that they never feel that way.
     I am a mother of 2, two boys that I love w/all my heart, but one doesn't get that love because he was taken away from me in '99. He did not die..his father was mad at me because I left him and told me that he would find a way to get him from me and he did. He married a woman that had a judge for an uncle...that's all it took. They took him from me when he was 7. My innocent sweet boy. Now, 17,he thinks I'm not disabled or in pain,because his father told him so. I am in a terrible state. I have nerve damage and believe me it is *$%#. He just doesn't believe me and that feels terrible and I don't know what i am going to do @ him...any suggestions to what I should say to him? I am tough and know that I can make it through anything as long as I have my faith. In which, comes hope and love. I still have my youngest son here w/me,Bryan, almost 12...in Aug., and he leads songs in church and wears those suits. So handsome...both my boys are talented and handsome. I just wished I had the time w/Shane that I did w/Bryan.
     I used to sing professionally in Nashville, TN...at a theme park they had called Opryland. I was in a show called Country Music USA. It was great. All u have to do is focus on something. If u try ...u can do anything. I have faith in u already. I know if someone sets their mind to do something...they can do it. So smile...:)...u have so much to smile @ and live for.

Your friend always...Karen
If u need me and can't get me here..send me a note. I'll get it.

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