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so many problems

i have so many problems, all leading back to my depression. i am 14 and female and in need of a friend. i am very new to this site, i became a member about a hour ago and i could use some advice. i would love to have online friends who understand what im going thru. i have friends, and they're pretty cool but i perfer to talk online. my self esteem is great, but im warning you, im pretty insane. i like who i am, and im called crazy by those i have told. im proud to say that i cut myself, that im depressed, that i have a heart problem *i posted about in already in heart disease forms* its like every new problem that comes up is good, im happy to find out i have something new. let me list! depression, bipolar disorder, im slightly ocd, i have a heart problem, i cut myself, i don't really know my sexuality yet, my family shows no love towards me, no one has said i love you to me in years, my mom yells at me all the time and i just need to talk. i hate my mom because of what she has done to me over the years (i don't feel  like writing about it here) and please no one comment saying 'oh, don't hurt urself! things will get better!' cos i know they'r not. anyway, im new and could use some friends. i don't really care who u are, just add me and i'll talk about whatever and im a really good listener to anyones problems.
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im here to help.!!
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