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Hello my name is Lisa and I'm 16. I have a great family. We are in good condition except that I only live with my mom and I don't have any brothers or sisters. I honestly look quite beautiful but I hate myself. It has been two years that I'm not happy... I always over think about everything. I don't really know like who I should be with at school. I don't know where should I belong. I don't know how to be social. My school is a bit weird ( and I find myself weird too ). It's an international school in Singapore, so there are many kinds of people.I do have two best friends and some other close friends. But sometime I feel so alone...I don't think I belong with them and I always look at others groups and craving to join them but I can't because I'm not as cool as them. And I don't feel a hundred pour cent fit with them . help me pls.
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I'm sorry you feel like such an outsider. You're at a tough age where you start trying to grow more and learn new things about yourself that will take you into the next phase of your life. I felt kind of the same at your age. Because my friends were all parts of different groups and I never quite felt like I was a part of any of their groups so I spent a lot of time doing things that interested me despite what they were doing.

There are a lot of people who I'm sure had similar experience. I'm guessing you must be in grade 10? So two more years of high school. Things get more interesting once you get to college cause you can meet a lot of new people who are probably just as weird as you feel like you are. I didn't make a ton of friends in college but I found a pretty eclectic group with whom to spend free periods with and it made it an better experience for me.

You shouldn't feel bad about how you are. I'm sure you're a unique and interesting person and the reality is that in life it's the interesting people who lead better lives. The people who are "normal" per se, they are basically stuck in a box and live rather boring lives with no adventure and no real excitement. But you're in a good position to go and experience a lot of fun things and really the sky's the limit. Don't be afraid to be different because truthfully being different is so much more memorable and cool than being like everybody else. There's a reason why Apple used the slogan to Think Different. Cause being a non comformist is better. :)

Try not to let it get you down cause this is truly one of the most difficult ages to be due to so many factors. But I think you'll see once you get through high school that it's a big world out there that has a lot of cool things to offer for people to go out and find.
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Hi Lisa, I really feel you. I also feel the same in my school (btw my nickname is also lisa).
I once had a group that I feel I fit in but now we all are separated into different classes. Some of the girls still close, but I don't. I tried to stay close to them but it seems like the prefer their classmates. My new classmates isn't better. I don't find a group or a girl that I could be close to. Now I feel all alone and I don't know who should talk to when I have problems or when I just want to pour out my feelings. My old friend who I used to talk to, isn't close to me anymore. And I am not close to my family either.

I feel kinda depressed. I feel like I want to angry but I don't really find something that I supposed to be angry at. And if I angry without a reason, other people will angry at me which makes me feel worse.

I don't really have any advice for you. I just want to share my experience with you. Hopefully you'll find something and you'll feel better
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