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Am I pregnant? Or is something wrong with me?

Hey, my name is Jenna Caillan Fuller. Aka JC. I'm 14 years old. I've NEVER EVER been sexually active. I have masturbated once or twice. Just to experiment. I'll be 15 very soon. I started my period when I was 11. It's still not regulated but it comes atleast every other month. I haven't been on my period for 3 months and my dr thinks I'm pregnant. Lile I said I've NEVER been sexually active, but I have been throwing up in the mornings and my Dr says she can feel a mass inside of me. I'm really scared, although there is NO possible way I could be pregnant. My doctor claims that if a boy masturbates in my bathroom and I use it right after that it could get me pregnant. I think she's crazy, but hey she is the dr. What is scaring me is if I'm not pregnant then what is the mass inside of me? If I was raped, I don't remember, I' scared that something may be wrong... :(
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I would seek out a new doctor immediately.  You CANNOT get pregnant from using a bathroom in which a boy has masturbated.  0% chance.  You really have to have intercourse for pregnancy to occur.

I don't know what's wrong with your doctor.  She should have done a pregnancy test immediately, which would be negative.  Then, she should have scheduled you immediately for additional tests, starting with an ultrasound.  You don't diagnose a patient with anything by "feeling" a mass.

There really isn't enough information available for anyone to guess at what the mass is, or if it even exists.  Please talk to your parents, as from what you're stating here, you aren't getting proper medical care.
Soumds like estrogen dominance which can give you irregular periods absent or heavy and prolonged periods. I had polycystic ovarian sydrome. I had heavy periods staryed young and jad nad cramps. Made me nauseous.   Might be a large cyst on ovary or fibroid tumor.. Both are from estrogen dominance.  Please get another Dr.  I suffered years.  A simple blood test will tell them if your hormones are off and an ultrasound can tell if fibroid or ovarian.   I hope it helps you and no you can't get pregnant like that.
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Did your doctor really say these things,  Jenna, or are you feeling a mass yourself and wanting to add that part to the conversation?  

If you're feeling a mass,  and are nauseated,  I do recommend you see a doctor,  who will perform a pregnancy test.  

Best wishes.
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I just saw the date on this post,  over a year ago.  I'm sure the poster has figured this all out by now.
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It's possible to get pregnant if you put the sperm inside you but it would have to be done within minutes after it came out sperm dies quickly if not in a female do a pregnancy test and see
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