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Could I be pregnant?

Now bare with me this is a long complicated story half of you might not believe me and half of you will think I'm crazy believe me I thought I was crazy too and I've checked millions of answers online. Ovarian cancer, gastrisis and endometrius but nothing else besides pregnancy makes sense. I'm only 16 I had sex for the first time in October of 2015 on the 15th now my ex and I use a condom however during the sad circumstances it snapped and he came inside me. Now after we had sex I probably had a couple warning signs probably just freaked myself out. But 7 days after sex I bled what I thought was my period so I ignored it and said I'm not pregnant... Or so I thought. 2 weeks later I developed extreme nausea towards meat and just randomly after I ate. My back hurt I was tired all the time, I got headaches which I never get and now all of a sudden I do? So I went to the doctor test is negative so is blood alright so I'm not pregnant. Then more symtoms persisted this time my boobs had grown at first I was like okay so I'm growing no big deal.. Then I had vaginal discharge. And then I got my second period also can't be pregnant but then this one was just as light except this one before my period started one dot of old blood came out. Or so I thought it was. Next I took a pregnancy test which was a faint positive so here I am thinking okay so I'm pregnant. Later found out that test was expired so it was not relevant or accurate. Went to the doctor again he checked hormones, HCG and everything.. From thyroid to vitamins and blood sugar. Still nothin. So when I got the results he said that my HCG levels are low so he said there's no way you are pregnant.. Now after that. I stopped going I was like okay second time that's enough your not pregnant. So I left it alone... I shouldn't have. As time went by my boobs grew bigger and bigger started getting more heavy I've gained about 13 pounds since October. And I look pregnant right now. I have the usual symptoms back pain, fatigue soreness and now frankly I've been getting these kicking feelings.. Still no positive test. Now you may be thinking ooh it's probably all in her head blah blah okay it could be a hysterical pregnancy but would it go this far to the point where I am now 20 weeks if I am indeed pregnant? I have a scheduled ultrasound may 29th which will mean I'll be just 7 months and one day far along if I am pregnant... So I have no idea what's going on.. I've researched I keep getting my period but it's changed.. It's early it's late. Hormones are fine.. So what exactly do I have? It's weird and it's been driving me crazy.. I have three friends who have almost guaranteed me that I'm pregnant but am I? Thanks for reading :) if you could help in anyway I would be most grateful.
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The blood tests are very accurate so I would say you're not pregnant. Unless you got pregnant after you saw your Dr. Some women do bleed throughout their pregnancy but it's rare.
Are you seeing a private Dr or going to the clinic? I'm asking because May is a long time to wait for an ultrasound. It would be best to get one as soon as possible. You may not be pregnant but you could have an ovarian cyst or something else going on that's causing these strange symptoms.
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