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I am 16 and i am pregnant and i am also bipolar. i have been raped 4 times in which 3/4 times i was with child the fathers of thm all found a way to make me miscarry. i want to keep this baby and i was wondering wt the best things to do as far as prenatal care in order to do so. if u can help me i would very much appreciate it....and please dont tell me to abort or to consider adoption unless u have been through 3 miscarriages in 3 years...thx

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You've had 3 miscarriages is 3 years?  So am I understanding that your first pregnancy was at what, age 13?  Oh my.....I feel for you....you have been robbed of your entire childhood.  A 13, 14, 15, 16, etc etc year old girl's biggest concern should be how they are getting to the mall on Friday night, not planning to be a parent.  :0(

Were you assaulted BY the baby's father, or you were raped, and your current(or former?)  BF somehow made you miscarry?  I don't think I understood that part right.  I also do not evern want to know how he was successful in doing that.  :0(

My advice to you hon....is to confide in and gather support from a trusted, level headed adult who can help you thru this process.  You need to have regular pre-natal care at an OB office, and they need to know your entire history....100% truthfully.  Sometimes it is hard being honest about things you may feel uncomfortable about...that is understandable.

PLEASE please please please please SERIOUSLY consider your options here.  I'm not speaking of abortion, b/c I know everyone shares a unique viewpoint on that.  But, especially adoption.  I am an adoptee myself, because someone out there was SO selfless that she put MY well being before what she may have "wanted" at the time.  It truly is a gift.  Adoption has touched my life in a lot of ways.....I'm sure you are reluctant to consider it, but please do.  Keep your options open.

To be honest...and I am NOT saying this to be hurtful, just straightfoward...between the apparent dangerous situations you have been in, including abusive relationships, sexual assaults and dealing with a mental illness, which is no picnic...it just doesn't seem that you are ready for parenthood just yet. And, that isn't a put-down for you...just the facts. You have your WHOLE long life ahead of you to be a Mom...when you are in a better place......with better circumstances, surrounded by people who will support and help you.

Please just give it some thought...and please confide in an adult to help you through this entrie process, from your decision making....to the actual pregnancy and motherhood, should you decide to move forward with it.  I applaud you for being so brave to want to do what you probably feel is the "right" thing....but please think it through.  Not only will you have to be responsible for you OWN life and safety, but also that of an innocent child who will be dependant on you for EVERYTHING 24/7.

Best of luck to you.
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I think the first thing you should do is go to a doctor!  Tell them your situation, and  get some counseling!  That is some hard stuff to deal with if you were raped and keeping the child from the rape.  So I am assuming you will love this child regardless...but just incase there is resentment....seek counseling.  In terms of prenatal care, get yourself some prenatal vitamins, eat healthy, drink plenty of water!  And please see a doctor and go to counseling!  Do you have parents involved in your life that can or are willing to help you?  If so, speak to them and be honest about everything that has happened to you.  You WILL need ALOT of help raising a baby at your age.
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ALSO why have you been having unprotected sex when you are possibly on some pretty harsh meds for BIPOLAR.....Maybe that is why you are miscarrying!!!
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i never knew u could have bipolar from the age of three?
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Yeah I was just thinking the same thing...it usuaully doesnt get diagnosed until the teen years!
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yea 3yr olds cant be diagnosed with it...
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with bipolar. doctors dont usually give a real diagnosis until young adult years. 18+ because bipolar disorder usually can mask itself as other problems or most doctors will usually say "oh your bipolar" when a child is not.

thats what most of the psychologists and psychiatrists i have had have told me

so basially they dont give out the title of being bipolar to minors
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