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How could this be?!

I am 17 and my finance is 18. We dont have sex very much because I really am not that interested, but when we do its always with a condom and I'm on birth control. I dont take it at the same time everyday but I take it everyday. Normally we use spermicidal condoms but he had a reaction and we read some really bad things about that so last time we had sex we used a regular condom that was a different brand than normal. The last time we had sex was right before I started my period. My period was short somewhat light.That was 2 weeks ago. I'm worried because recently Iv been showing possible signs of pregnancy. My boobs are bigger went from a 32dd to 34dd and are super sore! Normally I weigh ~104 but i feel a lot heaver. My stomach doesn't stick out but my pants feel tighter. And I cant "suck it in". Iv been having a lot of nausea in the morning or in the car. Iv been peeing more. Sickening headaches. And my temperature has been up. I know that its crazy because I'm protected. So I ask what could all this be??? I dont feel under more stress than normal or like anything has been out of the ordinary in my life. I plan to take a test if i miss my next period in ~2 weeks. If some how I am it will be a huge unexpected blessing, because the chances are so minute. Thanks for your help.
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Sorry about the tags they are screwy. i dont even know what an immunoprotection is. Its suppose to be protection.
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What you are experiencing is also side effects of birth control. Since you're not takin them properly (they're meant to be taken at the same time everyday) it will reduce the effectiveness. Take a pregnancy test with first morning urine, and see what it shows.
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No birth control is 100% effective, so there is always a chance for pregnancy. Since you don't take your birth control pill as you are supposed to(same time every single day), then it is less effective(basically like not taking it at all) and can also be messing around with your hormones giving you these symptoms. If your period is late, take the home pregnancy test with first morning urine. In the mean time, you may want to look into a different form of birth control for yourself that you don't have to take daily. Right now would not be the best time for you to have a child, since you aren't working, are on government assistance, etc. and you need to use protection correctly as to avoid pregnancy until you are ready and able to provide for a child.
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So after much research I found out the timing wasn't right and I couldn't be pregnant but when I missed my period I took a test anyway and found out Im not pregnant! Thank goodness! I cannot afford a baby.
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