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Is it possible? Please respond!!

Is it possible for me to get pregnant if a guy had precum on his fingers and went in my pants and grabbed my butt over and over again?
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Hi.  No, that wouldn't lead to getting pregnant.  Normally, it is going to take sexual activity such as intercourse and a penis in the vagina to become pregnant.  But he definitely sounds like a jerk!  I'd stay away from someone who treats you that way.  
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I'm like worried it could've dripped or something.
That would sincerely be highly unlikely if not impossible.  Sperm isn't so smart it just finds your vagina and enters it.  Reaching into the back of your pants isn't going to result in pregnancy.  And his hands were dry, right?  Really, think about all of that.  This is something making you anxious for no reason.  It's definitely not cool and I'd be mad about him doing that but you aren't going to get pregnant.  Do you tend to worry a lot in general?
I do worry a lot which is why I'm not sexually active. I don't remeber if his hands were dry or not. I did not give him consent to do anything.
I agree with everything specialmom said - you can't get pregnant from this, but especially that he's a jerk. If he's doing this stuff without your consent, he's not being a good boyfriend. If he can't respect the boundaries you've set for sex, then that's a really big red flag.

Right now, he's grabbing your butt under your pants. What will he try next without your consent? There are ALWAYS other boys, and plenty who will respect you enough to not do things without your consent. You sound really smart - you recognize that you worry and that sexual activity isn't for you right now, and deserve someone who will treat you better. :)
Planned parenthood told me there's a chance
Okay, I'm going to be a little blunt here, just to make sure I'm understanding what you are saying. I may not be clear.

So he grabbed your butt, not your vaginal area? His hands were on your butt cheeks? Maybe you worry that they got near your anus?

Lots of concerned adults like to say that if a guy has sperm or semen on his fingers and then fingers your vagina, you could get pregnant, and in theory, you probably could. It's just not a really efficient way of getting pregnant.

If he was only touching your butt, there's no way. To get pregnant, sperm has to enter your vagina and travel up to meet one of your eggs to fertilize. It can't get there from your anus. Those parts aren't connected.

So whatever he had on his hands, you can't get pregnant if he touches your butt. It can't happen. I hope this helps. :)
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No_Name,  I'm not sure the details you told planned parenthood,  but a little bit of precum on your butt won't get you pregnant.  Sperm need semen to swim around in,  they don't just swim around on skin or clothing.  They need to be deposited in the vagina with semen that helps them move up the birth canal.  
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