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Is my gf pregnant?

Hi, it's been 4 days since her expected period was about to come. Day 32 to be exact. We were so horny and she gave me a blowjob where I came into her mouth and just wore my jeans after it. The cum should've been present in my underwear. After an hour of rest, i humped her with my jeans on and her just wearing panties. My jeans were slightly soaked with precum as I continued to hump her. Now she's 4 days late and she has PCOS too and taking progesterone meds to regulate her period. We have been sleeping late at night for 2 weeks( 3AM sleeping time). Currently she's experiencing mild cramps since day 26 (last day of her progesterone med), her vaginal fluid is yellowish and decreasing but back in day 30, she masturbated and got lots and lots of sticky white-yellowish discharge, after that she's been returning to yellow discharge now. No STDs or infection. Tender and sensitive breasts too, salty and sweet cravings, acne breakouts and of course moodswings. Right now she's experiencing those PMS symptoms and her period hasn't arrived yet. Is my gf pregnant by the given scenario? Her last 2 periods were early as day 23-24 and now delayed. Her longest delay was 11 months and her last was 12 days after the expected period. Please reassure me and help me
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Please I need help
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Sperm don't pass through layers of clothing. Nothing you describe suggests sperm got into her vagina. It must be that her PCOS or sexual excitement is delaying her period. It sounds like you will
probably decide to go all the way in the next months. It’s time to get some condoms on hand for when you get carried away.
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Thank you. Now she's 6 days late and one of her nipples gone darker than the other but they are not both dark, just the other one. Her vaginal discharge is continuing to decrease and turning dry. Can lack of sleep cause delays in menstruation cycle too? Because we sleep at night due to gaming and we often get bad moods after it and worse here is that she easily gets mad and I think that's one of the reasons
You make it sound like you have both become addicted to gaming which is placing you both in unhealthy stress. Stress can mess with her cycle too. Let her run a pregnancy test so you can get that worry behind you, then try to break your habit. Maybe some exercise would help.
Okay! Thankyou so much for the answer. Much love! We did some adjustments tho for the meantime. I will wait for her period I guess. I feel relaxed now.
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She's on Day 36 now, no period yet. PMS symptoms still going on, same as I have posted. Her discharge is still decreasing in amount and turning dry. Mood swings are getting worse. Cramps are still the same, didn't get worse, just the same intensity. 2 days ago, she told me her other nipple gone dark but the other one stays light. Simply saying, they are different.
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Can anyone reassure me?
So, I can't think it is healthy to continue to feed anxiety by checking when you've been told firmly that you can't get a girl pregnant this way.  You can't.  Internalize that and accept it.  Being anxious, stressed, having changes in routine or illness, weight gain or loss CAN make a girl late.  Stop tracking this so closely, she'll get her period if all you did was what you describe here.  good luck
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