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Hello caring people, im new to this was site, is the only one  that seemed reliable for correct info. i know interent can be an enemy but im sure after looking thru this site its 100% truth.. And please esxucse the long discription - wana be safe than sorry!!.

Here goes last month 23rd nov (2 days before my gf period) Me and her (19yrsold) in cinemas, just kissing in our seats.. Now i feel precum produce in my boxers.. I do the right thing by not placing my hand in my boxers or anything.. All i did was touch my jeans from outside to adjust them abit to side where i felt precum just because it uncomftable.. My hands were ofcourse NOT wet because i did not place them inside .. Now literally 5 seconds after i had adjusted myself my gf got hold of that same hand which i used to ajdust my jeans and I FELT dampness on her fingers..not proper wet just Dampnesss.. Now im paranoid if that was precum from my hands to hers/ was it just her body heat/sweatness?!!! surely that cant be because that hand was not placed inside my jeans AT ANY TIIME so i was no where close to touching any precum on my penis/boxers directly dry as i just touched the outide of jeans and couldnt be wet as precum is abosrbed by my boxers and it was just small dropss in diff places .. I want you to Bare in mind before i got  hold of her hand, her hand was just resting betweem her legs if you get me so im assuming it was just defo the heat/sweat that i felt on her fingers because of the cinema sorrounding heat. then i started to get paranoid amd think what if it was ATUALLY precum? (But my fingers wernt wet) and if she touched her vagina OVER HER CLOTHES as she placed her hands betweem her legs again so they near her vagina OVER HER CLOTHES?!! and then cause pregnancy?!!! Also say WORSE WORSE COMES TO WORSE AND IM OVERTHIKINNG THIS - that there was precum on my jeans and she touched that part and then touched herself over her clothes can that cause pregnancy?!?, surely im bein ridicoulous?!!! please tell me i am safe here.... And its just paranoia... 100% ... The good news was  SHE DID GET HER PERIOD the next day (a day earlier than it was due- but lasted her normal 6 days :D )... And i have not seen her since then..

But this month she is now 6 DAYS late!!!! surely shees just having a late month?!!! It CANT be pregnancy right because i have not seen her since then snd she got her period that month after that activity,,, any uself info u can help with me.. Plesse can some1 insure me that this is CANT BE PREGNANCY and that LAST MONTH ACTIVITY IS NOT RELATED?!!. has she just had ovulated later than usual and thst why her period has not arrived yet.. Because she is 31days cycle and she may have just ovulated a weeek later this month? Also she she started a new job around her time of ovulation was due plus this was during collegr.. Maye be thats delayed it? Also she has been 5 days late once before 4/5 monthd back... Sorry for all this i just want a good answer and i hope i recive one...
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If she had a normal period after the two of you went to the movies then she is not pregnant. It's true that some women can have periods and still be pregnant but it's kind of rare.
From what you posted there is no way your girlfriend could be pregnant. If both of you are still worried that she might be pregnant she can take a pregnancy test. It will ease you mind if she does this.
Are both of you in a faithful relationship with each other? If so, then I have no doubt the test will be negative.
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No, your girlfriend can not be pregnant from touching your pants. The wetness on both of your hands was from sweat.
It's not uncommon for girls to be late with their periods. If she's stressed thinking she maybe pregnant that can cause a late period. Hopefully she will get it soon.
From what you've said in you above post she is not pregnant.
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So that means last month activity is not related to this period yh? Because she got her period last month.. And it lasted full 6 days
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Yep totally we are faithull , weve never had sex and would never chear on each other  getting married in few year soo yhh inm listening to you that she cant be pregnant.. Because she had her full 6 day period!
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That's so great.
No, you have nothing to worry about. Hopefully she will start her period soon. Remember I said this can happen to women sometimes. A late period, a missed one or an early one.
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You know if i did touch the precum on my boxers and then mistskenly touched her OVER her clothes... OR first touched her hand and she touched herself over her clothes..by this i mean her  tights and underwear .. Pregnancy ismt still a option right? Because there was no fingering whatsoever, weve never done the fingering busines too...
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