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Precum Pregnancy Scare??

My boyfriend and I were messing around yesterday, no actual intercourse was involved, we just gave each other oral and the like. I know at one point I gave a handjob and precum was on my hand, but it had dried when I fingered myself.. He was on top of me as well and he rubbed his penis on my clit very briefly, and had eaten me out pretty much right after that. My worry is that during that extremely short period of time when he was on top of me with his penis on my clit, some precum could have dripped down and.. you know the rest. Can I really get pregnant from this? I'm a straight A's honors student and I'm 17, I have a bright future ahead and I CAN'T get pregnant now. Him and I had every intention of using protection if he actually penetrated me, but we weren't aren't going to even HAVE sex until I start birth control. So we're very smart. But please please help me out here. Is precum going to get me pregnant? Once again, his penis wasn't actually in my vagina.
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What happened then?
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Pre-*** does not contain sperm by itself. If anything, it would be picked up from the last ejaculation. And if you REALLY think about it, here are most of the steps to get pregnant;

1. Sperm must travel through the vagina and penetrate the cervix.(Most dont even make it past the cervix)
2. They have to swim ALL the way across the uterus and to the fallopian tubes, and most sperm don't even make it to the right one. And, again, most of the sperm are dead by this point.
3. They have to 'wait' for the egg to be released, and even the healthiest sperm can only live for 4-5 days in the woman reproductive system.

Pre-*** contains so little sperm that it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for you to get pregnant from it, regarding the steps above.
But, if you are still concerned, do a test! Hope this helps!
Also, the penis actually has to be IN the vagina at ejaculation for the sperm to travel to the uterus.  Hope you're okay!
Thanks for the reply...
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