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Tiny Chance of Being Pregnant--Help Help Help

Hey so a couple of days ago a guy and I were on a date and afterwards we fooled around a lot, but didn't quite have sex.  Just a lot of intense making out and fingering.  And by the end, he came.  I made sure it was only at the end of our fooling around that he did, and I made sure it was no where near me when he came, and he had a towel he brought along, so he covered himself when he came so he didn't make a mess, and afterwards wiped it up with that.


A little while later while I was getting ready to go and stuff, I was absolutely dripping wet, kind of a mix of vaginal fluids and a little blood because I'm a virgin, so without thinking I grabbed the towel nearby and used it to wipe myself.

And I have NO idea what area of the towel I used, if he had used it too, and I don't know exactly if any got on me or not, and I didn't wipe my vagina a TON, but I did a little!  So now I'm TERRIFIED, and I can't believe it, I'm so scared!  I know the chances are tiny-tiny-tiny and unlikely......right??????

But still.  Scared out of my wits.  If I was pregnant I wouldn't be able to handle it, I have a lot of problems going on in my life and I'm in a really fragile mental state.  Among other things, my parents are controlling and obsessive (my mom has OCD) to the point of abuse.  If the TINIEST thing happens, I get in TONS of trouble--so if I was pregnant.....!  I can't even dare to think of what would happen, or how my mom would react.  I would probably kill myself, her reaction with be that bad and I'm so terrified.  Literally.  I'm already incredibly depressed and have huge anxiety problems and all this could push me off the edge--IF I WAS ACTUALLY PREGNANT.

So please, this is an emergency.  I'm not suicidal at the moment, but my mom's wrath is so bad that if I was pregnant I probably will be.

And I'm a smart, well-informed high school student.  I know the chances are small.  But I know that if sperm gets anywhere NEAR the vagina, even if it is on the outside, there is still a CHANCE of pregnancy.  And I'm not sure of the exact date of my menstrual cycle (I'm slightly irregular), but I know the days were somewhere between 20-30th --- and that's when you ovulate, right?!?!?!?!?  Crap crap crap.  That makes the chances worse.  If any got on me.  Which I don't know.  But maybe a tiny bit might've wiped off????

I'll take input and suggestions from anyone, but specifically a health professional or someone who actually knows what they're talking about would be REALLY really great, thanks.  And I know all this was a really long story, sorry.  :(

(P.S.  It's been over 3 days since my date, so it's too late to take the day-after pill.  And I'm not on any sort of birth control.)
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I dont think you are pregnant. Most woman ovulate around 14 days after the first day of their menstral cycle.  And they are most fertile then.
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No, there's no chance of pregnancy. Sperm don't survive long outside the human body, and last for either 20 minutes or a few hours. They have to stay warm and moist. On a towel they would dry out rather quickly. As for when you ovulate, there's not a set time for all women. Typically, a female would ovulate 2 weeks BEFORE her next cycle. However, irregular cycles mean you ovulate randomly. (I have irregular cycles as well and can never predict when I'm about to have one)

In an honest opinion, you're freaking out about nothing at all. Try not to, and just relax. If you want to make sure you're not, you can take a pregnancy test in two weeks with first morning urine.

There are also no health professionals actually on this particular forum. You can pay to have one answer, but that would be your choice.
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