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Did you just recently take a pregnancy test and find out you're pregnant or are you close to delivery? Perhaps you simply need some help! No matter how or why you found our forum, allow us to welcome you!!!

The Teen Pregnancy Concern community is comprised of teen-aged girls, in many stages of pregnancy or non-pregnancy, ethnicities, countries, beliefs, and you may even find some concerned fathers-to-be from time-to-time.  

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Hi im 18 and i think im pregnant...

My period is due Jan 8..but i haven't had ANY signs of it...im not really worried just seeking answers...

my periods 3 months ago and on were on the same date every month...November and december of 08..that chaged...Nov. i got my period the 10th and In dec i got it the 8th..

Now its Jan 6 and i've had some weird things goin on..such as

-Really tired
-Light pink discharge from vagina
- and ramdom craving from timmes and pizza...

please give me some answers..
Pm me...

thanks so much
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these are some symptom of pregnancy: • Unusual or abnormal period
• Strange Cravings
• Enlargement of the Breasts
• Skin Changes
• Frequent Urination
• Fatigue
• Nausea and Vomiting
• Missed period
• Bloating of the abdomen
• Darkening of the skin around the nipples
• Stretch Mark
or you can buy pregnancy test to be sure of are you feeling for.
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i last had sex about 4 weeks ago, we didnt use anythin and havent come on since. iv been havin really bad pains in my stomach and back - feelin sick and tired aswell., am i pregnant =(?
please help
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take a test
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im 15 years old, i know im too young to being sex, but i did, and dont worry i dont plan on doing it for along time after this and not inlesss im on the pill. but i had sex with a guy on the 13, we used a condom and he pulled out, i dont belive the condom broke but im not quite sure how i would know.(how can you tell?) i was suppose to get my period on the 20th a week later, but it never cam. on the 27th(7 days after i was suppose to get my period) i took 2 test at home(got them at the dollar store, not sure that makes a diference?)they were both negative. than i went to a prego clince where you can take a test.(i went to this on the 28th, 8 days after i missed my period.) they told me it is 99.1% rite, its one where you urinate in a cup and put 5 drops on this thing and wait 4 mins, it was also neg. but my beast are now tender and i have been bloated and feel like i eat more(this has been for about 3 days now.) but people have told me if you make yourself belive you are prego you will make yourself have signs you are. also someone asked me if my tummy was harder, i think it is but not sure. im very pariond, and ask to tell my mom. she doesnt know i had sex. im really freeaking out. can anyone help? i go back on the 11th to the clince to get another test, i thought about getting another from the store but not sure it pays. i have been reading abouut being prego on the intrent i think i made myself crazy

also, this girl used a condom too and took like 6 tests and home and they were all neg and than went to the doctor and she was prego, thats what scares me alot!

help anyone?
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hia, im 18 and periods are usually 38 days apart, i am currently 55 days late!!!! i took two pregnancy test within a week of each other and one was just 3 days ago.. both were negative but still no period. i also have noticed signs that i usually have a day or two before my period comes such as, my nipples are sore and darker, i have cramps in my belly that feel like period pains, im very tired and im constantly being sick. last week i vomited every day! i experience periods of dizzyness/light headedness. i have had unprotected sex for the past few months and STUPIDLY thought nothing of it becuase me and my boyfriend have been together 3 yrs. please help me, am i pregnant or is it a very late period, im soo confused and can think of nothing else. please reply, thanks
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