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Who else it pregnant? Need people to talk to? Write on this

Hiya Im writeing on here because i am 17 and 6 weeks pregnant and I no that it nice to talk to other pregnant wemon  about worrys and how they are feeling x I also am having the problem with how to tell perants so this will be good for eveyone can write on here questions and then talk to other teen age mums to be please feel free to post and I'll get back to you I hope this way we don't go through this worrying if things are normal x speak soon x
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Hey!!! Can i just say im sooo sorry for the m/c, i had one in december so i know what you went through. I am TTC #2. Im young myself, just 23 and have a 5year old son. I like you was 17 wen i got pregnant. When i found out, i just told my mum. She woz fine about it, she told dad same night. He too was obviously a bit gutted as i was still young, but he was ok. Mayb u should sit them both down and tell them, mayb with your bf there with u! Im sure they would rather find out like that!! It is hard bein a teen mum, BUT...its the best thing thats ever happened 2 me! Being young doesn't make u any less of a mum....have a happy and healthy9 months. U can always msg me if u fancy a chat or anything! :)
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Hey ... I'm 19 years old and i have a son of 3 and a half months... I just wanted too say it is hard being a young mum ...and we have too make alot of changes in our lives that are different from our friends...Others judge us because were young.... sometimes it can be a challange... However its the best thing in the world... My son is my life :) .. I love being a mum.. it comes so naturally... if you want too chat you can send me a message..  Good luck with telling your parents and have a good pregnancy :) take care
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Hey Im 17 also and 12 weeks pregnant. it was hard telling my parents but i survived through it. My parents werent happy at first and even kicked me out i was on the streets for 2 and a half days. My aunt came and picked me up later April 15th. My parents are now ok with the fact im pregnant and i have tons of support from family and even my parents friends. dont be scared to tell them. the longer you wait to do that the more angry they will be.
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I was 14 when I got pregnant with my son and 15 when I had him.  I bet even you all think that is young.  :)  I just wanted to encourage you ladies that things are going to be okay.  I think you made a great decision in choosing life, whether you choose to raise the child or adoption.  I know I wanted to raise my son and I did.  It was very hard and I ended up getting married at 16 (not to his father) to have a more stable environment for us.  I had his sister 3 years later, but, while my ex-husband did take care of us financially, he was awful emotionally and I left at age 22.  I did it all on my own again with two for another 4 years until I met my current husband and things are great.

I definetly recommend getting your education while you're young.  I didn't finish high school so I could stay home with my son, instead I took my GED and passed in the 90th percentile.  I'm not too big on high school, but it can get you into college sooner.  I just very much recommend going to college however you can.  That way you can provide for your children the way you want to.  I never finished college, and I really wish I had.  Sometime I definetly will just for me.

I don't mean to sound old and preachy here, so I'll stop.  Just wanted to encourage you and give a little advice.
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Ps.  I'm also 14 week pregnant now.  My son will be 13 in August!  I can't believe I'm doing it all over again.
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