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am i pregnant? 15 years old...

hi i was just wondering if anyone could offer me some help or advice on whether they think im pregnant or not...

im 15 years old (16 in the end of august) and have used various forms of contraception including the depo-provera injection, the implant and the pill from the age of around 13... i had my implant removed about a year ago and had the depo-provera injection for about 9 months and has my last one in the 2nd week of august. i started the pill and have been on it since that time but stopped taking it on the 21st of december and since then had a weeks period. me and my boyfrind have sex every 2/3 days and we dont use contraception and he always ejaculates inside me...

i am wondering if i could be pregnant as i have been a lot more tired than usual and have been having pains in my stomach which arent bad enough to cause me severe pain but do hurt and feel abnormal. i have been having more headaches than usual. my appatite has changed a lot as i have been not hungry at all at times and then next i am soo hungry which is not norally like me... i have been getting lightheadedness also and the past few mornings i have been feeling really sick. my breasts arent sore and im not sure if my nipples have darkened but i dont think so

also the past 2 times i had sex i bled afterwards but haven't had a proper period so dont know if i have missed one or not...

i dont want to be judged or to be given nasty comments about my choices so i would appreciate opinions of those who think they may know if i am pregnent or not.

thank you!
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If you have had a period sometime after the 21st of December then I wouldn't worry about being pregnant just yet.  You shouldn't worry about getting nasty comments from anyone because it sounds to me like you have been a very responsible 15 year old and if anything you deserve a lot of credit for that.  A lot of the things you mentioned feeling could actually be signs that you are going to have a period soon.  Keep in mind also that for some people worrying and stress can cause you to miss a period, so try not to worry so much about it.  The pains you feel in your stomach could be caused by gas or if you haven't had a bowel movement in a while it could be that as well.  Constipation can also cause you to feel sick sometimes and can affect your appetite, as can having a lot of gas. (I don't mean to embarrass you by talking about "bathroom activities, sorry)  If you are going very long between eating (you mentioned not wanting to eat sometimes) your blood sugar could be low, which can cause you to feel lightheaded.  Going too long in between eating and then eating a large meal   on a very empty stomach can also cause gas and other stomach issues also. After the 28th day following your last period arrives and you still haven't had a period I would suggest that you buy a home pregnancy test just to ease your mind.  You may be able to take one even sooner if you need to, I think up to 5 days before your next period is due.  I would also recommend that you and your boyfriend use some other method of contraception since you have stopped taking the pill.  Also, discontinuing birth control pills can cause your body to do some unpleasant things to you as well.  Just google the type of pill you were on and the affects of discontinuation and you will get all kinds of information.  I am experiencing some of those wonderful things right now actually, so I can speak from experience.  If you want to talk more about this or anything else without having to worry about being judged just send me a message and I would be more than happy to talk to you.  It's been a long time since I was 15, but I still remember vividly how difficult that time was.  I am now a mother of a 17 year old and a 9 year old, and I know times are different now, but some things never change, like being judged, so again, please know you don't have to deal with this alone.  I hope I have helped a little and please let me know if there is anything else I can do.
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its quite possible you may be pregnant. because of the transition of the bc
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riverisland as long as you have unprotected sex especially as frequent as your saying per week then pregnancy is 98% chance as long as you ovulate.as per the symptoms sounds like you are going to get a bfp but hey wait it out and see sometimes these signs are mixed with aunt flow .but just relax and wait and test then you can know'ok best of luck
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thanks for the advice everyone, but i did a test (5 days aprox) before estimated time of period but it came back negtive... i think that test may have been to early as i still have had no period and the first day of my last period was 36 days ago!! ahh the symptoms have gone now. apart from the need to pee loads! Does this look as if im pregnant?
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I am 15 and I think that I might be pregnant ... When I had sex we used a condom but not right away I was not on birth control at the time like I am now ... After I had sex, like the month after ... I had a period but it wasn't like normal, very unusual. I did miss my period a month ago so i havent had a period in 42 days now :/ I feel very weird lately like I'm always tired and have to pee and I feel very bloated and you can see it. Idk of I should take a pregnancy test or not. Does anyone think I could be pregnant? I missed
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Take one to help ur mined if shouldbe right about now good luck :)
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Look Am 15 and I had sex with my boyfriend he didn't use a condom so I am 5 weeks pregnant but am turning 16 in June just  I hate the fact that my father thinks very negative so I don't know how to tell him. please help me
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