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flu or possible pregnancy?

Okay....I have already posted and gotten a response on another part of this website but I have another question. Okay in addition to me having a weird period(1st day normal(not heavy) then goes to very light, gone within 4-5 days)which has been going on for about 2 months....i am having the symptoms of the flu. For about 3-4 days now I have had an on and off light fever with stuffy/runny nose, on and off headaches, and occasional lightheadedness. As i mentioned in my other post, my boyfriend "came" in me and I think I might be pregnant, although i have gotten negative pregnancy tests(2), I have heard of women/young adults who have their weird periods and get negative results until far into their pregnancy. (Even with the REALLY good tests!!) Is it even flu season??? (I live in south texas) OR is it my early pregnancy indication?? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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light fever, stuffy nose, runny nose are not signs of pregnancy its a sign of the flu or infection or cold.

your 16 why is your boyfriend cumming in you?!??!?!??!

thats not true that "young adults who have their weir periods...get negative results until far into their pregnancy"

flu season has nothing at all to do with false negative pregnancy tests.

look if you got your period your not pregnant. if your late, you could be pregnant.

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I understand where you are coming from. But...i came here for HELP not a lecture about birth control and my age. I know i made a mistake and I would greatly appreciate it if you wouldn't rub it in my face. Thank you for your advice though.
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well im lecturing you hoping that maybe you will learn and actualyl get it. you need to hear a lecture so that you dont make a "mistake" again!

im not trying to rub it in your face but cleary it doesnt sound like anyone else is giving you the facts and you need to learn them before you wind up with a baby you dont want or a std that no one wants
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it doesnt seem that you are pregnant, it sounds like you only have the flu, some women get their periods when they are pregnant and dont know that they are pregnant till they get their symptoms, but that is rare, if you are pregnant your breasts would start to hurt, you would start craving, feel nauseated, tired and other symptoms of pregnancy, but the symptoms you were just talking about are symptoms of a cold.
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I forgot to put that on this post that i made....I have also been feeling nauseated occasionally, sore breasts, and tired constantly especially in the afternoons. I should have been more precise on my question. I had just wanted to know if flu like symptoms were a part of pregnancy because i was feeling them as well. Thank you for your advice.
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the only way for you to know for sure is if you go and do a blood test or a urine test at the doctors office, that would tell you for sure....
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i agree. i would go to the doctor's.  it does not seem like you are pregnant to me because yes some women get their periods when they are pregnant but not many at all.  maybe your doctor can give you an anti-biotic or something after he gives you a pregnancy test.

but yes you did not come here for a lecture but unfortunately with the issues around young pregnancy, we do always promote safer sex and birth control in this specific forum.  So i am sorry but i do agre with Kim, after you get this figured out, which again set up an appt with your doctor, please practice safer sex.  by the words in your post, you seem intelligent and obviously you do not do this often on purpose.  i understand accidents happen, i had some scares as a teenager too.  

well i hope all works out.  please let us know what happens.
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i agree, just go the docters and explain and he/she will do more presice tests. they could even do an internal ultrasound that would definately confirm, its not good to worry about things so get it done as soon as possible.
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False Negative pregnancy test results are VERY rare hun, sorry.
It is getting close to winter.
I'm from Massachusetts, but currently live in NE Texas.
I know in Massachusetts flu season starts in September because that's when it starts getting chilly.
And here, it's starting to get chilly too.
Specially at night.

I'm 40w4d pregnant, and I woke up this morning with a cold.
It *IS* flu/cold season now hun.

Your symptoms aren't pregnancy symptoms, they're flu/cold symptoms.

Have you gotten your flue shot?
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sweety you continue to write about worrying about being pregnant.  I really hope you attempt to find a clinic of planned parenthood i your area, I know they have them I used to live in that area.  It also sounds to me like in a way you may want to be pregnant?  Everyone on this site keeps giving you the right information and yet you keep masking them with the same question"could I be pregnant?"  If this is the situation and you do want to be pregnant, tell yourself this r you really ready, is your boyfriend ready?  Are you or your boyfriend able to provide for yourselves without your parents help and are you willing to finish school by lugging a baby to daycare first then going to school then getting out of school and taking care of a baby, this includes no sleep, not ime to yourself.  If any of these answers is no then you are NOT ready to be pregnant and should get help at these planned parenthood can help you they will also help with birth control or condoms.  I suggest both.  Let me know how everything turns out.  
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