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kinda scared ...not only a ppregancy problem

Hi i have numberous problems so i dont quite know where to start.

Im sexually active teenager and i have a bit of a problem. A couple of weeks ago i went to use the girl's bathroom and there was no toilet paper. There was one roll left with a little bit left on. The girl who had it threw it over her cubicle,it dropped o the ground, and i got ahold of it along with three other girls and used it. When i urinated, i got this horrific cramp i my abdomin like something was knotted in my stomach when i tried to straighten out my back, it felled really bad. This problem occurred for 10 mins and it subsided.The saturday, i went to urinate again but when i wiped, i saw blood and it wasn't coming from my vagina, i saw no blood in the pee but a little blood was found on the toilet paper. The following sunday i had sex, but the condom burst when my partner was ejaculating and,in my opinion, he didnt pull out fast enough.Also, the condom we used, also (im assuming) contributed to a yeast infection i've had in the past. Anywho, a week and a half later(which is this week) I've been experiencing pain where (im again assuming) my kidneys are. Im experiencing the pain more on my left side than the right. Its a very dull, annoying pain. When i don't eat, i dont feel anything, but as soon as i eat, its like it puts pressure on them it they hurt. When i pee, it's ok until i get to the ending trickle where i get a burning. I told my mother about it and she thiks its an STD.I've noticed that i've been having alot more discharge than i'm use to having when im ovulating. I'm also been more gassy lately. Plus, my period is late so i my be pregnant. When i did the symptom checker on WebMD, it says that i might have Gastro or a UTI. When look it up on google, another possiblility is kidney stones...but im 18 i think im kinda young for kindeny stones....

I plan to go to the doctor next week and i'm jus not too sure what to expect and i would like to have an idea on what my problem may be Thanks!
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Well all the pains, cramping, spotting/bleeding not on your period sounds like an infection, it could be a yeast infection just gotten really really bad. The burning when you pee is definitely associated with infections, such as UTI or a yeast infection. As for the symptoms of pregnancy you've been having, that's exactly how I found out I was pregnant, my back hurt (around where the kidneys are) and I had a one sided crampy/dull achy pain, along with the discharge. The period being late miggght be associated with the infection though. I'd say there's a chance you could be pregnant judging by the symptoms and the condom breaking while he was finishing, but all your symptoms could very well be a problem with one of your organs (kidneys or something else) Don't stress about it though, baby's are a blessing, and stressing will only hurt the baby - good luck & keep me updated! :]
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have you taken an hpt? if not you may want to. as for the std you can go to your ob, gp or a clinic and be tested. which if your sexually active and have more then one partner you may want to. and you're not to young for kidney stones. i have a cousin who had to have major surgery when he was 17 because of kidney stones. he would never drink water only sodas, juices, kool aid and milk and he had multiple kidney stones. many of them were to large for him to pass naturally and he had to have surgery to have them all removed.

and kimberlee is right. don't stress. stress can cause you're af to be late and IF you are pregnant stress is not good for you or the baby. just relax and wait. i know it's hard but just try. and if you do take an h pt and it's negative you may want to get checked out just to make sure there isn't something serious happening.
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gd morning thanks for replying. i didnt take a hpt test as yet because i figured it is too early.I'm quite afraid to go to the doctor because i'm kind of scared of my mother since when my stepdad came into the picture you can say we aren't close anymore. My vagina doesn't feel like i have a yeast infection though. I hope its a uti or kidney stones. Im about to go to university in august and i would be really upset if im pregnant
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