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hi im new to this but when i was 16 i went to a gyno about not ever starting he put me on birthcontrol and i started and was regular but i dont take it and i havent had one for a year im trying to get pregant is there anything wrong with me and will i be able to get pregant  what can i do to get pregant on my own is there anything i can try like home remidies i cant afford infertrofertiliazation or anything like that
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the only home remidie i kno is having sex. thats it.

if you cant afford invitro maybe you should hold off on a baby. babys are more expensive than you think
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i would recommend going back to your doctor.  from what i here is some women need to be on birth control for a while to regulate their periods to teach their bodies.  Maybe you should go back on birth control for a while longer and then start.  other than that talk with your GYN and see what options are available but like Kim said, sex is the key intervention
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You really should discuss this with you obgyn and see what he thinks you should try... I dont know your complete history so I really cant think of what may be going on.
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I had my first child at 19 and I don't know your history and I am sure you have your reasons for wanting to get pregnant think about the reasons you want to have a baby if you find you want a baby because its yours or you want something to love and something to love you back those are the wrong reason a baby is a big responsibility and I know you think that you can handle a baby which is fine but why not wait to have a baby and go to school you have your whole life a head of you to be a mom find out about your health first and why your not getting a period babies are wonderful things but your just a baby yourself and one day you will find the right person to have a child with once you have a child your life is no longer your its your babies and he or she comes first nomatter what and at 16 there is a whole world to explore out there first and please go to your doctor and find out whats wrong I hope I didn't offend you if you were my little girl I would only want the best for you and babies can wait and when your older and finally do have a child you will know its for the right reasons and at that moment you will know you made the right decision and you can enjoy motherhood like many of us do if you ever need to talk email me good luck
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How old are you now
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I had very irregular periods...too many.  i would have between 2 and 4 periods a month and managed to get prego.  I know this is the total opposite of your position but maybe it will make you feel better.  

By the way, I think the point of this 20 and under forum is to NOT harass the young ones. I think it may have been created because every time a young person came on the pregnancy forum they were not treated nicely.  They have come to the right place for their posts and I think people who are over 20 or not pregnant and not here to answer questions with out telling them they are too young are  in the wrong place!!  If someone has a question about if it is possible to raise a baby young or what it is like then offer your experience or opinion, but if it is a real question...answer their question and leave your age opinion out!!!!!!
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