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i havent got my period  in 3 months. a month 1/2 ago i took the test and it showed negative. but now my breast are very sensitive and a white liquid its coming out, also im having pain on my lower stomach, like when im going to get my period. can i be pregnant
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if you had sex yes you could be pregnant. if you're getting negative hpt's you're going to have to schedule an appointment with your ob/gyn and have a blood test done.
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im not using any tipe of protection. and ive been having sex regularly with my boyfriend, so i dont know if maybe i have some type of hormonal disbalance, or indeed im pregnant.
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you could be pregnant or have an sti or std
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well im going to try with the blood test. i dont think its a std, i dont have any symtom or anything like that related to a std. but thnks very much. by the way i dont know what a sti means
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Hi Lucy:

I'm sorry that this is making you anxious!  Do you mind me asking how long you have been menstruating for?  If it hasn't been for that long..it could be that your period is just irregular.  This is common with teens.  The pain you are feeling now could be ovulation pain and the discharge you see could be something called egg white cervical mucous..which is common around ovulation.  So that's one possibility.

Another possibility is that you are pregnant..the only way to tell is with a test, obviously.   Did you do a second home pregnancy test after the first one was negative?

The other possibilty is an STI..or "Sexually Transmitted Infection" (also called STD..where the D stands for disease).  Are you having any pain with urination or with sex?  Any other symptoms?  Fever or anything like that?

To alleviate any fears, I would get in to see a doctor.  Can you go with your mom or would that be uncomfortable?  Can you get there on your own??

Finally, why risk having un-protected sex with your boyfriend?  When you go to the doctor, why not talk to her/him about the birth control pill.  Also, even if you do not have an STD right now, you still run the risk of catching one with continued un-protected sex.  Using condoms does not require too much effort and they aren't very expensive.  You can order online if you are embarassed to go into a pharmacy or you can ask your boyfriend to go in (but really, don't be embarassed..nobody should be judging you for making a responsible decision!!).  This will of course, also help with preventing any unwanted pregnancies (although, when I was a teen..I was paranoid and used the birth control pills and condoms!).

I hope this helps you in some way.  

I think you will feel a lot better once you get in to see a doctor.

PS-if you don't have a doctor you can see, go to a clinic like a planned parenthood or something similar (hopefully there is one like that near you??)
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not all std's have immediate symptoms. some std's can be in your system for years and not rear their ugly heads for a long time. when you do go to your doctor ask them to do an std test. they'll take more blood and run more tests seeing if it could be one of the std's. i don't know which ones they test for first but if you do have a disease they'll be able to get you treatment.
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thanks very much for the feedback, actually im 21 and were planning on getting married in 3 months, so the reason why im anxious its because weve been having problems trying to get pregnant, i was taking the pill before, but we stopped.
i will have to go to my gynecologist and get checked. ill get back with you guys. thanks for your advice.

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sorry lucy..I thought you were a little younger..that's why I mentioned the irregular teen period thing!

How long were you on the pill for?  I was on it for many years and went off of it a year ago last May.  My periods were super irregular for months and then they seemed to even out but were very. very long (39 days or so).  Maybe your irregularity has to due with the pill?

I saw a doc and had all my hormones checked..everything came back fine.  But to get me to ovulate sooner, my RE put me on clomid.  Clomid is also used for some women who aren't ovulating at all.

I'm sure if you get in to see a doctor, you will feel better.  Have your hormone levels checked and then go from there.

Congrats on your up-coming wedding, by the way!
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same thing happened to my girlfriend.. and now she is 8 weeks pregnant.
so just keep taking tests. i know they are expensive. you could go get a blood test!
id go with the blood test if ur pacient. if not do the over the counter tests.
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