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this normal

I'm 17 and for the last few months I've being really wanting to be pregnant that bad I have being doing pregnancy tests all together I have done 7 and of course come back negative I just want to know if I'm like mad for feeling like this or if this has happened to someone else
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I read your post on the relationship forum and I was wondering if you want to get pregnant so you have your bf with you all the time?
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Nope the situations are different I would never get pregnant and use a baby just to move in with my boyfriend!
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Is it normal at 17 to feel a strong desire to be pregnant?  Not exactly.  Girls can certainly feel strong hormone flows at that age, but they don't always (or even often) come out as desire to be pregnant.  (Depending on how the girl feels about taking care of a small, demanding other person 24/7 for years to come, she might be more interested in celebrating her hormones a different way.)  The only part of your post that sounds a little unusual is that you say you have taken seven pregnancy tests.  Usually even when someone has been having unprotected sex, they find the second or third test to be convincing.  Looking at the emotional pull (for you) of the idea of pregnancy is probably the best way to figure out why you are feeling like this.
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It's weird I personaly don't want a baby just yet I just want to have that pregnancy feeling you could say like having the bump the kicking
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I've been kicked and I've had the bump, and believe me, it looks better from the outside than it feels from the inside.  lol
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Per my question about the emotional pull -- a lot of times, to parse out why something has a hold on you emotionally, the useful exercise is to ask "What does a person in that situation have that I wish I had right now?"  You don't have to be right (in other words, maybe a pregnant woman doesn't have this in actual fact), you just need to figure out what YOU think it would mean emotionally, to you.  Then when you identify it (what does pregnancy mean, tenderness? nurturing? being protected? having a purpose?) you can look at whether you have a sense of that thing missing in your life right now.  If so, that would explain why you are obsessing over it even in the absence of an actual desire to be pregnant at this time.
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It is perfectly normal for a girl of you age to be wanting a baby. not that long ago teenage girls would have at least one child by 16. Today however this is not the norm. I would suggest waiting until you are in a steady realtionship with sufficent income. Of course this si what everyone says but there must be a reason right? Babies are a lot of hard work and not to mention money. It is easy for a young girl to say that she wants a baby to play with and to love, but most teenage girls do not understand what having a child fully entails. Try baby sitting a friends newborn for a couple of nights and if that doesn't change your mind then I guess nothing will. But just remember being mentally and fiancially ready for a child is the best way to go. You don't want to bring a little fragile human into this world until you are assured you will be able to give them the best life possible, without ruining your own.
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Try babysitting for a family member or friends baby for a whole weekend. You will see how very hard it is and how demanding a baby can be. Feedings every 2 to 3 hours, so that means not much sleep. Diaper changes several times a day. You can't just pick up and leave with friends if you want to. I was a teen mom myself and I was married. But, it was the hardest job I've ever had in my life. Wait until you finish school. Maybe you want to go to college and have a career. You can always have a baby later on when you get married and have a stable life. A child deserves that. It does'nt deserve to be here just because a girl wants to feel pregnant. I'm not trying to be harsh at all. I just want you you to think about the reality of things.
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Maybe I got it wrong, but I didn't read this as the original poster saying she actually wanted a baby.  I got the impression she was more interested in knowing why she might be obsessing over pregnancy than she was in actually getting pregnant.  She says she personally doesn't want to be pregnant yet.  Given that, it would indeed be puzzling to find oneself obsessively taking pregnancy tests and thinking about being pregnant., and well worth trying to figure out.  
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