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Arthrocentesis Procedure

I have just had 4 physiotherapy sessions to try and improve my TMD, which don't seem to have made any difference. My consultant is considering doing TMJ arthrocentesis manipulation and steroid injection if the physio' doesn't work, which is now looking very probable.
I have read about Brook's experience but am interested to hear about the experiences of others who have had this procedure.
Many thanks,

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Hello! Do you know why you have the TMD problem? Its usually from injury or stress.
I'm curious the other types of treatments that you have tried, that aren't invasive. Physiotherapy certainly can help but their recommendations need to be done at home as well. Change to diet, improve exercise, improve sleep patters and decrease stress (most important) all need to be attempted and are the hardest to change, i know because I struggle all the time ( its 5:40 am). My TMD has improved significantly after 2.5 years of suffering severely and finally having to change my area of employment to a less stressful environment. That was the kicker---and after a month of change, I am not taking 3/4 less of the narcotics I used to. I still get headaches, but then i know to change something I'm doing immediately!! pain is our way of telling us to change something.

I would ensure you really thoroughly looked into your life patters before you get something invasive, period.

I went to a surgeon last year, and if my TMJ worsens and I choose to do it, there is around 75% success rate for reducing discomforts, which to me means nothing because I've never fit into the 'norm' for TMD, and nothing I tried worked, except for Yoga and change of job, go figure! I had 4 different physiotherapists over a course of 2 years. Try try try and try again...

message me if you wanna chat, TMD is the story of my life!
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Thanks Dana,

I have been doing yoga for years and I do have a stressful job but am quite a calm person and meditate regularly. I have this problem for over 2 years but ignored it until recently. I have also tried a mouth guard at night which is not at all pleasant and also makes no difference. The physio' said that if the MG did help then maybe long term physio' along with it would. I have also been doing home exercises etc.

I did have whiplash from a car accident over 20 years ago and have had falls from horses etc but I also think it's partly wear and tear and my spinal problem probably contributed too.

I agree and don't want any invasive procedures done, especially when they don't seem to help anyone and only really reduce inflamation for a while. I certainly don't want steroids injected into me either!

The good news is that I'm a spiritual healer so maybe I should work on myself. We are also hoping to emigrate to Australia next year, where the pace of life is much slower and much less stressful!

I still get a lot of headaches but onlt recently started getting TMJ pain. I also had a near death experience last year and lost myself for a while.

Thanks again and I'll send you a private message soon :)
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That's good to hear you're  a work in progress :)

I'll tell you what the second surgeon I went to said:

" Just because you think you are coping with the amount of stress at your job, doesn't mean your body deals with the stress physically in a different way". I honestly kept saying the same thing you said...

I knew going on vacation to mexico for a week decreased my pain.. but I still wouldn't believe it!!! I honestly thought I could cope, but it was seriously all in my head. Its taken me a long time to admit it out loud. I was the queen of stress management at my old job :( people sought me out for advice, I got arms deep in problems.. I'm a problem fixin' nurse I am...boy things have changed. I took that into my own hands and I feel so much better for it!!!!! I wish you relief. I had bad jaw pain last night and used head and some t3s (first time ina  long while) and woke up quite a few times. Its time for bed now, so I better go :) I gotta work this weekend!
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Thanks for your latest reply and I understand what you're saying as I'm also in the nursing/care profession. Actually people do tend to come to me with their problems and I do get very wound up at times.

So are you saying I shouldn't have the procedure done? I have never had anything invasive done in my life (I'm 45) and usually avoid anything or anyone medical and try and deal with stuff in my own way.

I haven't been back to the consultant yet and am putting it off for a while as it just seems like a bit of a waste of time.

Sorry to hear you had pain and had I got this sooner I'd have sent you some healing.

Thanks again for all your comments,


(by the way what are t3s?)
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