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Bone infection in jaw - antibiotic suggestions?

An initial root canal had been too shallow, had left some of the infected root in the tooth, and allowed the infection to progress into a nearby tooth, into my jaw, and all over my head. I became extremely ill for months (bedridden with the most severe flu-like illness). Both affected teeth have now been removed - under one the oral surgeon found a bone infection, he said the bone was mushy and he had to remove some of it. He did a bacterial culture and found moderate growth of all 5 of the following bacteria:

- Streptococcus Viridans
- Bacteroides Gracilis
- Haemophilus Influenzae
- Hameophilus Parainfluenzae
- Neisseria species

He thought the moderate growth of these bacteria was significant because I'd been on antibiotics for months; the bacteria were cultured from a deep surgical site; and that area did not normally culture these types of bacteria.

Since then, I've been on a rollercoaster of antibiotics prescribed by an infectious disease doctor. Augmentin 875/125 2x daily made my hands and abdomen swell very badly and didn't seem to fight the infection that well, but it was also before the 2nd tooth was removed. I was given Augmentin a 2nd time paired with Levaquin 500s, which seemed to work on the infection together, but I swelled up again, and my blood pressure which is normally 130 was 185. I was given Levaquin 750s paired with Flagyl 500s 3x daily, which seemed to work on the infection but the Levaquin made me panicky and sleepless at night. I had to go off Levaquin because I literally could not sleep. Now I'm on Augmentin XR (1000/62.5 2pills 2x daily) by itself, and although I'm physically feeling better each day (I no longer feel as ill as I did before) the infection is starting to spread, swell and possibly looks like even ooze pus again (from the surgical sites). A tooth that was previously untreated and unaffected is starting to throb terribly (it was between the 2 teeth that got pulled). And, my parotid gland area on that side is hurting badly again - it shows up as inflamed in my cat scans. I'm taking the Augmentin XR with a diuretic, and with that although my throat swelled with the first Augmentin dose I seem to be doing ok, except for some weird aches and pains I've had since going on it - but those I can deal with.

The infectious disease doctor says all of the bacteria cultured are being covered by the Augmentin alone, yet the infection still seems to be worsening. I see my oral surgeon again this week, but he defers to the infectious disease doctor's antibiotic instructions. As far as I know I am not allergic to penicillin (I took plain amoxicillin without incident when this all began), I tolerated clindamycin very well and it worked well on the infection until I started showing resistance to it (but that was before both teeth had been removed), and I also do fine on Flagyl. Is there some combination that I could suggest to my doctor that we try? Or some other antibiotic that covers these bacteria?

I feel like now that the 2 teeth have finally been removed and the bone cleaned out I have a real shot at getting better. But I can't seem to get on the right set of antibiotics to conquer what's left of the infection. Any suggestions as to what antibiotics to take would be so appreciated, if there's any way you can help I would be so grateful.

Thank you so much.
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so when are you going to pull the 3rd tooth?

I am facing losing a tooth and I know it is hard, but I would do it to avoid all you have been through. Your post has even convinced me to do it!

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how about Rocpehin injections maybe 5 times a week.

Oral Spectracef 200 mg?

supposed to be strongggg
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Definitely get the tooth pulled if you need to - I only wish I'd been told to do it sooner, it would have saved me about 5 grand and a lot of agony. And don't worry, the removal of those 2 teeth were actually some of the easiest dental procedures I've ever had done. You heal in about a week, and it was WAY better than I ever imagined it would be. It's nothing like having your wisdom teeth pulled - those hurt a lot worse.

Thanks for the suggestions on those antibiotics, I'll definitely check them out.
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Bee I would put money on it you have Lyme disease caused by borrelia. It can cause all of your symptoms. You can find much information on the net as to borrelia related bone infections in animals and humans. I suggest testing with a company called Igenex. Which is the best in the US for detecting the bacteria when others cannot. Good Luck.
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I forgot to add that culture will not detect borrelia and it has the ability to shut down the

immune system and enable other bacteria to flourish which is what sounds like has

happened here. Igenex WB is the best test and takes 2 weeks to perform. If you show

any specific bands it is mostly the cause of everything that has to do with the massive infection.
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Thank you so much for your input. I am very, very happy and so beyond grateful to report that I am healed! This thread was actually from September of '08 ... a few months after I posted this, during which I got worse and worse, I was finally admitted to the hospital - the infection had surrounded my brain. They admitted me for meningitis, betting that the infection had caused swelling in the layers around my brain. I was given an IV drug combo of vancomycin, and 2 others that escape my memory right now ... one of the others was pipterocillin or something that sounded like that, and one other that I think began with a th-. I felt better within 24 hours, and kept gaining strength each day with those IV antibiotics, I think I was in there for about a week. It was enough to do the trick! It took my body a few months of recovery, but I am grateful to God to say I am well! That is good info about the borrelia, though. Thanks!
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metronidazole (flagyl) 500mg 3tds combined with
coamoxiclav (augmentum) 500/124 3tds combined with
fluconazole (diflucan) 1 tds

for 7 days

then put on doxycyclin and flucloxacillin (can't remember amounts) but they were standard adult amounts for 7 days

followed by 2 weeks of doxycyclin on it's own.

sorted me after months of sufferening infection and bone loss
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I was sick flu like symptoms, weight loss wheezing, sinus problems dizziness blurred vision red eyes and a  rash I was home ridden very debilitating  for 15 months . The entire scenario was due to root canal I had the root canal extracted and finally figured out the fistula that my dentist kept saying was a post surgery trauma was normal! , The fistula in my mouth was  actually a major infection, My MD took one look and sent me straight to oral surgery the surgeon she meticulously  cleaned out the root canal extraction site removed the bone graft and the forgotten gutta percha at the site of  infection it was sent to the lab, I instructed the oral surgeon to do  A CAVITATION which is grind down one mm of the bone which guarantees infection is gone, approximately 6 days later I went to a dentist and  had a major ozone infection into the side into  the jaw bone to absolutely guarantee the infection is killed  I also left a garlic poultice at the site of surgery  nightly for few hours  for two weeks,, Consider ozone injections it is one of the few things that goes right into the site of infection and kills it instantly. Fly to NIHA or find a local dentist.  
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Also I took mega vitamin C IV twice a week and loved it this is like getting a new battery in your car.

WOW I just read you were admitted to the hospital you were very lucky it is the grace of God.
Be well
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Dentist did root canal and got it infected. Have extreme pain when opening right jaw. Other dentist will extract tooth. I wonder if they know what thaey are doing?
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Hello Bee!
I am so glad I found your very thorough and detailed original post. I have been suffering from a milder version of your symptoms for 1 year, with no doctor or dentist believing I have an issue. 4 times on antibiotics, and each time the symptoms clear up, but only temporarily.
I'm becoming quite worried, and at this point have no idea where to get help or from whom.
If you happen to recall the tri-fecta of antibiotics that finally destroyed the infection, I would be very grateful to know.
The doctors and dentist keep giving me Amoxy and Clinamyin, but as in your case, they only work temporarily.

Thank you for your time.
Once again, finding your post has been a god-send!
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For jaw infection which is hell to have diagnosed it can take years, maybe a bone scan or cavitat seeing a dental cavitation expert helps, I was seriously ill I had symptoms that were insane dizziness, blurred vision, flu like feeling nausea at times  , weight loss, no appetite , weakness stiff neck  hated the heat and I could sitting on an ice berg and that would feel fine to me. I had all sorts of aches and pain I was checked for Lyme over and over total ten times always negative
Finally my jaw began to ache I ran to the dental cavitation expert he took a real good look at certain tests he ran and did sort of test I had never seen and  I had a very , bad serious jaw bone infection which is a MEDICAL EMERGENCY  I had lived with it for FOUR years why  I did not die is beyond me  I totally should be dead. I think it is because when about . 100 doctor had no answers I  became my own doctor and got a ND to give me ozone IV and vitamin C IV and hydrogen peroxide IV just to make me  a little more comfortable in my suffering  I would be dead now if I did not have those IV to keep the level of toxicity down. That is another test worth getting is TOXICITY LEVEL Test. I had surgery twice then I was cured.
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A dental cavitation expert is who you need to see a real expert one not just a some dentist that thinks he knows this stuff. Also the dentist that did my surgery  had all the stuff found sent to pathology costs, 350 and I took that important test results to my MD  he could of cared less he just said,
when were kids we eat rocks, dirt ect.,,, that is why we have all the weirdo things in our mouth that animals no big deal at all, . MY ND told me it is big deal and that we should no have stuff in our mouth that animals do and he gave me bunch of stuff to treat it. I decided the answer all depends on which doctor you ask, and I had so many doctor misdiagnose me that it makes me wonder about the industry I realize they are amazing at trauma surgeries etc...i wonder if the mystery illnesses is where is there is great failure
Wonderful to hear you are well. I am not. By far. Can you help me - where are you from and which doctor did you see? Maybe he knows who to see in my part of the world (Europe:-) Have exact same experience as you - are stories are identical - mine is just not solved yet. Because I did not find that one specialized dentist who knows.... Thanks:-) And enjoy your healthy jaw.....
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American Medical Association physician’s and the ADA will not treat jaw bone / cavitation infections that they cause people. For liability reasons they will not even admit that such a thing exists. Our death is the price they are willing to pay to avoid lawsuits. The only way to survive is to cure yourself with antibiotics and other medicines you procure on your own. I’d like to testify that an IAOMT dentist might offer a more permanent remedy to the cavitation infection but I have been too ill to work and therefore cannot afford the $3-$5,000 it would take to receive treatment from them.
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