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Hit on my jaw, whiplash?


3 weeks ago, I got hit on the right side of my jaw. On the corner right under my ear.
It was hit pretty hard but the object I got hit with was a foam covered plastic stick.

There wasn't any initial damage where i was hit, like a bruise or any sign of damage on the outside. No big pain either.

What stresses me out on a daily basis are the symptoms that I have now 3 weeks after which are different signs that my jaw has become slightly uneven. Or the jaw bone has been changed somehow?

My teeth doesnt fit together properly when i bite together,

it feels like my jaw is pushing in on my throat right beneath the place I got hit, and i can feel a small bulge in my throat that i can even feel when i swallow. This gives me more pains as it feels like its pushing on the nerves. Like headache, numb weird feeling on the side of face I got hit.

The thing is that none of the symptoms seem to get any better with time and I'm extremely scared of any permanent change to the jaw in some way.
I constantly think in my head that the jaw bone itself has been somehow bend or pushed in, but not broken, is this even possible? The corner of the lower jaw bone under the ear.

I had a check at my normal personal doctor and she said nothing has happened and i should just wait it out.
But what about these symptoms that still dont get better and make me stress out a lot.

I hope someone can help me ease my mind about this because I feel mentally bad about it.

Kind regards,

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