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More than 30 years of TMJ

More than 30 years ago, I had a facial injury that caused dislocation of my jaw.  My jaw has ached ever since and I have problems opening my mouth.  X-rays show that the jaw has "squared-off" an area of my skull, so I guess there is some cartilege missing.  I have constant grinding (bone on bone?) and, according to my dentist, my jaw muscles spasm about a dozen times each time I open my mouth.
Soon after the injury, I tried splints and braces to correct the problem but with no success.  I have spent 10s of thousands of dollars trying to get this fixed and replacing teeth that became loose.  
The pain can be unbearable at times so I try not to do anything that makes it bad.  Like chewing, talking....
If you think surgery could help, what kind of doctor should I look for?
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I'm so sorry.  It must be agony.  I have had a lot of jaw/teeth problems.  I grind my teeth and over the years, I have had 15 root canals and crowns, two oral surgeries and constant *replacement* and *restoration* on my teeth.  I get shooting pains in my jaw and ears and sometimes the side of my head.  I don't have it constantly, but the past year it has gotten worse.  I have fibromyalgia, so they are telling me it's related.

I'm so sick of dentists, oral surgeons and specialists.  I have about 4 crowns that have to be replaced again, and I keep putting it off because I don't want to go through the *jaw and ear* pain.  When I tell the dentist that this happens, they just shrug it off.

Sorry I don't have more advice for you.  I know how miserable it is.
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Thanks for your comments and sympathy.
I finished up having implants to replace back teeth and I certainly relate to how you feel about all the experts.  I doubt that your pain (jaw, ear and head)  is connected to fibromyalgia.
But I may have some good news for you - if you haven't already heard of this.  The dentist who did the implants made an NTI for me.  The NTI is a little piece of plastic (resin?) that is molded to fit over your two top front teeth and has a ridge for your bottom front teeth.  This little gadget prevents your back teeth from touching and is nothing like the mouth guards I've seen advertised.  No more grinding.  For me, far fewer mornings with a mouth that won't open.  
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Surgery is generally the treatment of choice for temporomandibular disorder. unless there is bone pathology involved. Occlusal therapy is highly effective for tmj associated symptoms.Seeing a competent tmj specialist is advised.
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hello im 28 years old and had a giant cell granuloma, including my mandible removed from the right side of my jaw that was six years ago ever since then ive had a dislocating left jaw and tmj related problems popping, grinding, chronic pain tender to the touch pain in my tongue i can fing a doc who knows what to do about the dislocations i have no fractures or infections any ideas would be appriciated
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