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Nerve Block injections

I have a question for anyone that has had these.

I had surgery for TMJ as I shattered my articulating disc in my jaw from grinding when I was 17 yrs old. The surgery was a success until around 5 yrs ago. I am 35 now.

My scans 2 yrs ago showed DDD in the left disc and the right disc is folded in half. I have never really had issues with the right side even though the disc is folded but it has started to hurt recently.

I take muscle relaxers when the pain is bad but my jaw is so misaligned now and I am in a lot of pain with the Osteo and I am wondering if Nerve Blocks would even help me.

One I am terrified to do them but I don't want to do another surgery either as I will never forget the pain from the first one EVER! It traumatized me to no end the pain was so unbearable.

What would you guys suggest?  

Maybe I should do more internal mouth massages? More accu? I just feel that it doesn't help. When I do the physio on my jaw I feel like my jaw is going to break.

Any how just looking for some feed back from anyone who has experienced this before.
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I considered getting nerve block shots for my migraines (I also believe TMJ plays into some of my migraines), but opted against it due to the co-pays with each one and how many I would have to commit to getting done, along with the risk each time.  I'm sorry you had a bad recovery from your TMJ surgery in the past.  What do you mean by 'DDD'?
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Thanks for responding.

DDD is Degenerative Disc Disease.

My recovery was amazing up until the last 3 yrs so I really can't complain.

I am just not sure what to do next. I visit the pain clinic soon so I will find out what they think is the best thing to do
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I can empathize to a degree- on how my discs are.  I have a displaced disc without reduction on one side and a displaced disc with reduction that I was told may be perforated on the other side.

Let me know what your pain clinic has to say?  Of course, they likely will not be talking surgery, as that is not their thing.  Posture is supposed to be very important for those of us with TMJ dysfunction and I know mine is usually rotten. :0(
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I am the same.

I have reduction on one side and not the other and the other disc is folded.

I take a muscle relaxant before I go to bed but I still am in pain.

Mine didn't want to to talk surgery either and trust me I would never want that surgery again it was worse than child birth!!!!!  I have had 4 surgeries in my life and that one tops it all. The recovery took a while and the pain meds did not help one iota.

My posture ***** as well
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Did they do an arthrotomy?  Does yours get worse with certain weather too?
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Is that where they inject fluid in the joints ?

Yes really bad with col weather
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You may be thinking of arthrocentesis?  That is where they stick a needle in, flush the joint and inject steroids, etc..  Arthrotomy is open joint surgery- far more invasive.  Arthroscopy is in between the two.

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I had them both done when I was 17 Arthrocentesis first then the surgery. It was effective for a long time. However I know the joint is out of place and I now have osteo. The other disc is folded.

I have a really hard time sleeping even with the muscle relaxants because it is like my entire Jaw shifts to one side. My jaw is completely misaligned, how can you even fix that without surgery? The mouth guard can only do so much.

I am seeing my surgeon pretty soon to see what my options are I just dont want to do the nerve injections because I don't think they would work

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So did you have arthroscopy or an open joint arthrotomy procedure?  My displaced without reduction disc is scrunched up anteriorly and evidently is not doing any good.  Joint fluid has leaked out of that joint.  The other side, where the disc perforation is suspected, the bone has advanced osteoarthritis.

It's disconcerting when I've had my own jaw go clunk when I turned my head in bed.  

So, you are now considering surgery then?  I've read that you want to limit, if at all possible, jaw joint surgery to three to minimize the risk of serious nerve damage complications.  I've only had one arthrocentesis at this time, and you're right, the mouth guard can only do so much.  
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They cut me open down my ear and along side my head. Shaved the joint and reconstructed the disc. It was painful beyond anything I have ever felt. not sure if that is what you mean by open arthrotomy.

I would like it fixed but they don't want to operate and I can understand that. I know it is only going to get worse and it hurts all the time pain scale is usually a steady 5 and will go up and down depending on the weather, sleep and food. I guess I could tolerate it a bit more rather than have the surgery and find out I had serious nerve damage. I already have way too many health issues to begin with so I would be afraid to do this again incase it makes it worse.
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Sounds like you had arthrotomy (open joint) surgery to me.  

Do you have osteoarthritis in your joints, and if so, to what degree?
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Yes in the left joint mild. Being tested this week for osteo in the spine, shoulder and hip.
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I'm glad it isn't advanced at this point in your TMJ.  Sounds like you are having aching joints in other bones too- I'm sorry.
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