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Scar Tissue

I was in a car accident two months ago and hit my face pretty hard on the steering wheel. I had to have stitches on the inside of my mouth (between my lower lip and gum line.) After everything healed, I am left with a large lump on my chin. One doctor said it was just a blood clot and would go away on it's own, but another doctor said it was scar tissue and would also go away on it's own. Like I said, it's been two months. I don't even like to smile anymore, because when I do, the lump really sticks out and it's embarrassing. Is there anything I can do to make this go down any faster? The doctor's aren't giving me anything to help the healing process. Thanks in advance!
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I wonder if a plastic surgeon might have an idea as to what to do?  Healing from a car accident can take many months- I had to have about 10 months of physical therapy for my neck after one, so it might be that you will have to be very patient, but hopefully you can get some ideas to hasten the chin healing.
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