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Swelling of jaw, persistent pain, and bony bump

Hi, I recently have had a bad experience, and I have a few questions.

The angle of my jaw is very tender, and painful, but there has not been any bruising. When I open my mouth too far, it's painful, but I can still eat/drink normally. The left side of my jaw/lower cheek is noticeably swollen, and I would like any insight before I visit the doctor. There is a nickel-size, round, hard bump (feels like bone) on my cheek, at the angle of the jaw. There is nothing of the sort that can be felt on the other side of my jaw.

So here's what happened... Someone twice my weight, 200lbs., pushed his fist into my cheek, about a week ago. I was laying down as he was standing over me, and he used all of his weight and strength. He held this pressure on my cheek for 10+ seconds, and since then, the swelling, bump, and pain have not gone away.

I visited the dentist yesterday, for routine care, and the dentist noticed the swelling. He did a 'cold test' and I did feel the cold on my wisdom tooth, so no nerve damage he said. He did recommend me to an oral surgeon to check the area, and to also extract an unrelated wisdom tooth with a cavity.

What could be damaged in my jaw with these symptoms? Is there a possibility of infection? (I'm 20 years old, and my wisdom teeth are newly grown through the gum in my mouth.) Should I be worried about any fractures or muscle damage? Please, any insight/similar situations, reply to this post because it is greatly appreciated!

This link below, will take you to a face diagram, where I've highlighted the problem areas for clarity.

w w w.tinypic.com/r/23w5r2r/7

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