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TMJ Head sensations ear pressure

Hi all,
I think I have TMJ. i do grind my teeth an night, and sometimes catch myself clenching durring to day. Well when i was little my parents used to drink and fight just anout everynight, and i rember when they would i would find a hiding spot an clentch my teeth really hard untill it stoped (hours and hours) My dad would work might shifts and many nights I would fall asleep on the couch. My dad would say here could hear my teeth grinding from the other side of the house. Its weird because when he told me i didnt even know how to grind my teeth, and still dont to this day. I never had any problems.
    Untill about 3 years ago when i was visiting a ffriend in california when all of a sudden when i work up in the morning i couldnt open my mouth more then 1/2 an inch. I could feel all my bones were out of wack and it hurt. I had no idea what was going on. so i started googling and forund out about TMJ...I am kinda scared of hospitals and doctors.
(because i had bad anemia 4 years ago and my 1st doctor was pretty mean to me and i'm afraid of needles)
plus i was in a strange state. i dont have a family doctor anymore either and still don't
well i gave it a few days and finally wen to the hospital. (horrible hospital only 1 receptionest and she was talking to a friend on the phone instead of talking 2 me) well i was finally imited and the doctor noticed i was very very nervous and decited to give me a urine test and  tested posttive for opiets(sp) i had taken a vicoden for the pain earlier.
   he had me so nervoud my heart rate concirned him so he gave me an EKJ. came out normal.
     Then he finally looked at my jaw and sid things did not look normal that i had TMJ in both sides of my jaw. DID NOT PERSCRIBE ME ANYTHING. i clearly was having panic attacks in pain and needed something to loosen my jaw. what a quack.
      I made an appointment with a dentest in the area,got me right in the next day. but when i woke up that morning my jaw was al loose but it was making a clicking sound.  When i got there they had a really old xray machine. and nothing showed up on it. and prescribed vicoden for the pain  and said i might need my molars pulled i have no insurance and couldnt afford it. but he did sell me a night guard. (tore my gums up) it was a cheepie 20$ one.
     i decited to go on with my life a tried not to yawn or clench my teeth. i noticed thats how i sleep. with my teeth together and no spit in the mouth (i dont like spit)  
     well  6 months ago i found out my sister need to come stay with me ( we dont get along) very stressful. i had gotten into a fight with some one who was drunk (i didnt fight back they thought i was someone else) but i was put in a head lock but instead of my neck it was my forehead and top head. i started seeing stars and finally got him o let go. 10 minutes later i had a golf ball sized lump in line with my left timple. the next day i got hit with a basketball in the same place.
                                           SORRY THIS IS SO LONG
       I started feeling like i was going to die a few weeks later. and my ears were making a cracking sound everytime i swallowed. (i dont know how else to explane it) i guess it maybe was a constent all day panic attack. i didnt have a car and no hospital in the area. well it took me a couple months to get to the doctor ( dont ask)  the hospital checked my blood and an xray of my chest because it kept feeling like it was hard o get air. and i felt dizzy. i guess i never mentioned anything about my head. well he perscribed me virtigo pills and sent me hope and sais i needed to calm down..........the pills never worked.....kept feeling the same way and i was started think i was crazy making stuff up. i went to the hospital again next month and he perscribed me xanax. helped a little bit. but my ears were driving me crazy i felt off all day foggy.   well my sister finally moved out.
     the stress got a little better. i went to a clinic and had a page long of symptoms like
   visual snow short of breath panicy soar muscles in neck head and jaw. ear pressure head pressure ear cracking....ect...  she put me on a steroid for 2 weeks and gave me more xanax and some flexerial and told me to come back to see her i 2 weeks to see if it helped. well it didnt. and i still feel like ****.   i think i need a cat scan or  mri .. i would like one even for reassurance. to make sure i dont have something wrong with my head. do you have to pay fro these up front? oh yeah my molars came in and my bite hasnt changed much. i feel like crying everyday and often do. i just want ot feel normal again. my head feels so weird, its been 6 monthssince i last felt normal ......i have forgotten what normal felf like. my jaw does feel soar in the morning and so do the muscled in my head. please help any commet will help. thanks for listening          some of my spelling may be wrong. sorry.

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I also get these sensation in my face not quite numbness because i can still feel and its not tingly either. it happens when i sit up for awhile or when i get excited.
   the visual snow is worse when i forst open my eyes in the morning sometimes its bright blue for the first minute.....other then this i think i have 20/20 vision.
    when i open my mouth my jaw on the right side pops way out. i have been trying for months to get my ear back to normal but nothing will work theres something perventing the pressure to equlize.
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i also have been taking ibuprofen every day x3 for about 6 - 7 months
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Seeing a tmj specialist, ENT, and gynecologist is advised.
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A lot of what you have reported all falls in perfectly with TMJ disorders. Even down to your inconsistant periods. It would take me an hour to explain everything.
See a Nueromuscular Dentist in your area and he/she will be able to explain all this for you.
hope you get better.

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Find a good chiropractor. I know from experience. Eatting low carb may help some,  
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Hey, I hope you are doing better!!
There are a lot of people in the world that feel the same way as you do.. and it can get better!!

Please go to a good TMD/myofacial pain dentist. I find my chiropractor and regular massage therapy is also helpful for upper back/shoulder/neck pain. Another important factor is to decrease the stress in your life, and you can do this in a few ways. Exercise is REALLY important, try writing in a journal, meditating/praying, any type of relaxation (bubble baths?) that you like, and making sure you have healthy relationships around you. My TMD specialist requested I see a psychologist to help me with relaxation techniques and also have someone to talk to. The health care system is STRESSFUL!! and so it being in a lot of pain :(

Remember, taking pills may help some things temporarily, but you n eed to find the source for the problem and bite it in the butt. You can help yourself, try to be the best you can be, its the least you can do if nothing else can be done, right?

Take care,
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I have similar symptoms; head/ear pressure, headache, ear crackling when swallowing or yawning, neck ache, jaw ache and crackle, difficulties to concentrate and memory problem. All these symptoms started a year ago not long after I traveled in an airplane for the first time of my life (might not be linked at all...).  If it can help you relax, know that I had an MRI and MRA and they both came negative. I am not a doctor, but my guess is that you probably suffer from either TMJ, anxiety or an ear disfonction. I suggest you try taking meds for chronic pain. I take 25 mg of Nortriptyline everyday now and let me tell you it did miracle for me. I still have ear problems and jaw still aches, but my neck and headache have disappeared and I don't do panic attacks as I used to. If you try those meds, know that it take at least 2-3 weeks for you to feel the effect.

Good luck  
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I have had all the same symptoms. I found a nuero muscular dentist and he has changed my life. the treatment isn't cheap but insurances are starting to recognize TMJ as a sickness and this covering part or all of the treatment. I am one week in and my dizziness is all but gone. Tinnitus and Visual Snow are still there...but I was told those are usually the last to go

good luck to all Find a good NM Dentist
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