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TMJ Problem

Hi, I would like to ask about the problem regarding my TMJ. I had my orthodontic treatment at age 14 and removed at age 16. At first my lower teeth is at the mid line position. But after few months, my jaw started to deviate to left, and you can see clearly that it shifts when I close my mouth. When I open my mouth, it shifts back to the mid line position. It did not cause any pain to my TMJ, only few clicking sound when open/close.

Now after 3 years removing my braces, I consult a dentist in India (I am a Malaysian and I am studying BDS in India). I  had MRI scan and the results showed that the articulate disc of my right TMJ is having medial displacement. I also did x-ray which shows that my teeth are actually in good alignment. My dentist told me that I am having crossbite where both of my left upper and lower premolars' cusps are in contact. She made me to wear splint for 1 month. After 1 month, it shows that my teeth are getting back to mid line but in a crossbite situation. She suggests me to have second orthodontic treatment to treat the crossbite.

Before coming to India, I had consult another dentist and she suggested that my left and right condyles are having different growth rate (which means they are not equal in length and cause my jaw shifted to left) and my jaw still shifted in a 6-month period. I am in a dilemma now. If my tmj problem is due to skeleton problem, I believe that orthodontic treatment will not helping much and can only be fixed by surgery. What should I do?

Thank you for reading my problem.
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It would seem if your x-ray is showing your teeth in alignment, and with the medial displacement of your right TMJ disc, you should consult a well-respected oral and maxillofacial surgeon who specializes in TMJ.  

If the dentist you consulted prior to coming to India did not have the benefit of actually seeing the TMJ discs on an MRI, they were making a guess, perhaps based on their examination.  But the MRI I suspect might reveal (if your displaced disc isn't scrunched up or traumatically stretched out) if her theory is correct about your discs and their growth rates.
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