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TMJ and Joint Pain

Can TMJ cause tingling in your back, neck and calf? And can TMJ also cause pain in knee joints? I know this sounds strange but my ENT thinks I have TMJ and has referred me to a specialist even though a few of my symptoms are neurological. I have already gone through the gammet of testing including MRI's of head and neck and blood tests. I also had all of the ENG tests. Everything is normal.
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TMD may be a contributing factor to head, neck, shoulder, and orofacial symptoms. Knee joint and calf muscle symptoms may be indirctly influenced by craniocervalmandibular complex, which is so called descending pathology.However, the evidence is probably minimal and may be mostly anecdotal. On the other hand, foot pathology may influence all the way up to head, so called ascending pathology. Seeing an orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist may help your calf and knee joint problem. Seeing a tmj specialist may help your head neck, shoulder, and orofacial problem. In addition, you may need to see chiropractor or osteopath practitioner to help your spine problem.
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Hey there,
I agree with what was written above. I suffer from TJD for the last year and a half. I have been through a slough of testing and treatments only to remain in pain. The main thing is, every muscle and bone are attatched in some way and form, and its unbelievable how the effect each other in perfomance. I cannot get my neck massaged in great detail or I get such intense jaw pain for the next week, its unbelievable-- even that I think is crazy as to how much the pain flares without touching my 'sore spots'.

I went to a chiropractor and they were able to isolate my 'sore spots' and estimate where the true problems are coming from. I was fitted for orthotic shoes from there, and that has GREATLY decreased my foot/arch and knee/hip pain, and also helps with posture, and I'm sure many other things I just have not noticed or cannot put my finger on.

What symptoms do you have that the ENT thinks you have TMJ problems???
You may need to see a neurologist. I would go to a chiropractor, and go for regular massages to start-- they can even massage your face/jaw (even internally massage in your mouth) to isolate tense masticatory muscles, not all massage therapists do that though-- and its very painful if you have chewing muscle pain.

i'm always willing to talk about my jaw issues, message me if you like!
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