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TMJ causing muscle twitching in muscle above ear? Expert please!

I have been having muscle twitching in my left temporalis muscle (the muscle above the ear) on and off for years now. During my bad periods, it'll twitch multiple days a week and once it starts it twitches for hours on end (like 6+ hours).
I've noticed that in the past 2 years sometimes when the twitching starts I'll have ear pain, earache, pressure, and headache. Also been noticing bite problems and jaw pain. This past week an ENT told me I almost definitely have TMJ issues and that my twitching can be caused by TMJ issues.
The thing is I don't really see much about TMJ causing twitching in that muscle online (which I know isn't very reliable source). So can any experts (or anyone who's experienced this) here tell me if TMJ disorder can cause incessant twitching in the muscle above that ear (temporalis muscle)?
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