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TMJ nerve facial ear pain Constant!

I've been suffering from TMJ for 7 years and still haven't found a solution yet its getting worse each time. Currently its at its worse right now 24/7 everyday constant nerve pain on my right face, temple, ears (Especially behind ear near mastoid area) and base of my skull. it feels like pins and needles and at times the pain radiates to my throat too making it difficult to swallow. I sometimes feel as though its not TMJ but every doctor i got to can't find anything wrong with me with MRIs, CT scans, and other tests. So only thing I can think of is TMJ and many TMJ specialist I've seen told me I have TMJ but none of the their treatment seems to work. Most of them are usually making me a bite splint or appliance but it doesn't work. I've spent thousands trying to find a fix for this TMJ. Currently I am going to a new TMJ specialist who mentions about shaving certain spots of the teeth to pin point the exactly bite alignment. I've heard stories that shaving the teeth is not good but when the doctor mentions and explains thoroughly I am convinced this might work. I haven't done the procedure yet but I am almost thinking of doing it. I need your thoughts on this one and is this Tinging sharp facial and ear pain normal? could my disc be out of place causing the nerve to be irritated or something? I don't know because no one really describes their symptoms like I do its so painful I need help!!
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I know a TMJ specialist. He's from Loma Linda Univ ,CA.
Dr Stanton Appleton.
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Yes, let the specialist try adjusting your bite by shaving the teeth. They won't remove so much that it causes any injury---they will take off mere microns of enamel and that may do the trick. Ask for a muscle relaxant that---it should help. Also use warm moist packs on your tmj---it's very soothing and will help the pain. Try a chiropractor if all else fails. Make sure the Chiro has tmj training. Good luck.
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This Dr Nick DDS has been the best I have seen so far.. I have yet to save enough to go to him but I will..
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Where are you located.  Dr. Patricia Richard in Fairfield, CT stopped my horrendous nerve pain with a sphenopalantine block.  She is an MD, DMD, Acupuncturist nd specializes in craniofacial problems. Great doctor!
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