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I've had migraines/neck pain/ TMJ/ bite mis-alginment since I was in my early teens.  I had braces and my teeth and the pain seemed to get better for awhile.  Now after 8-10 years I have severe problems with TMJ and all of the above.  Bite splits make the situation worse in all areas.  I've had plastic covering my teeth to stablize my bite for 2 years but, that didn't help either.  My teeth touch only on one side.  I take tons of migraine, pain, and muscle relaxers meds...just to get me through a day.  Now all of my teeth have moved and I have mandibular tori that are in the way of my tongue and speech.   Every day I wake up with my teeth feeling like they are loose and these wonderful torus hurt like crazy.  I've cracked two of my teeth to the root!  Everyone has different advice.  I've also had several falls to the right side of my head over the years but, have never had my jaw bone examined to see if damage occurred.  I've been to many dentists (TMJ specialist) neurologist and other doctors. Can someone out there give me some advice?  


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Occlusal appliance (splint) therapy is generally highly effective for relieving tmj associated symptoms. However, fabrication of occlusal appliance requires delicate skill and knowledge. Seeing a competent tmj specialist is advised.
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