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Tooth Abscess

Over the past few weeks i suffered a great deal of tooth ache,but left it too long due to my fear and bad experiences in the past.  I left it to the point where my tooth nerve was dying and was painful to drink hot and cold drinks. My side of face started to get a numb feeling ,then wed  5 days ago i woke up to a swollen and very painful check .I made a appointment and got to see a dentist that day. They advised that the treatment would involve extraction and inscission to drain swelling and going to be rather painful. I  had two teeth extracted side by side and two incissions made but they were unable to succeed in draining any fluid so the swelling remained. I was put on antibiotics and told to call them the next day to let them know how i was. overnight my swelling had got worse and dentist told me to get straight to hosp emergency outpatients.There i saw a dentist whom gave me a drip of antibiotics and a anesthetic and made a couple more inscissions to drain fluid but was also unsucessful. So sent me home with stronger antibiotics and a appointment to see them the following day.
By then the swelling was even larger very hard and couldnt hardly open my mouth as my jaw was so painful.
The admitted me overnight  and gave me antibiotics by drip. They intended to operate but prior  I had a cat scan which i was told there was no puss pockets .This i cannot understand because i thought that all infections have puss?
i tried to query but the doctors talked in mediucal terms so i just dont really understand.


Is it poss to have no puss in a Abscess ?
It has been 4 days since intravenous drip stated taking place and had several since .How long before swelling goes down./
It isn't as tight but still very swollen and painful ?
Would my situation be now controlled or is this dangerous?

Look forward to any comments or advice  you would kindly share with me
Many thanks

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