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What to take for TMJ pain?

What does everyone take for their TMJ pain?  I did take Darvocets, but those were removed from the market, so what should I take now?  What does everyone else take for their jaw pain that is so painful?
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I have constant TMj pain and I am taking Vicodin
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I only take otc advil I won't take anything stronger
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I take naproxen twice a day as needed for the pain
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I'm working on the same thing.

Advil and Aleve (Naproxen) do absolutely nothing for me.

My pain is around and in my ear and a constant sore throat.

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I just got told they think I have TMJ this Saturday. I had a headache that would not go away and my entire face felt like it was on fire on the inside. The pain is in front of my ears and it will hurt sometimes non-stop, or after I eat on my entire jaw line. I do not have clicking or have trouble chewing or opening my mouth however. The entire right side of the throat just feels inflammed and the head ache in the face just will not go away....

The dr. did put me on an anti inflammatory & flexeril (sp?). So far no relief..only feels good when I apply my cold hands to the entire face...I am hoping the medication will work but so far not so good..
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