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can't open my mouth after wisdom teeth extraction

I have 5 teeth pulled out on Aug 6th (four wisdom, one fractured).  Now the bruise and the swollen has gone.  But every time I try to open my mouth, the right side of my mouth would be very hurtful.  Now I can only open my mouth to the degree that to put one finger between the upper and the down sides of my teeth.  Any wider than that would cause a lot of pain in the right side of  mouth.  

I'm still taking antibotietics every day.  Could u tell me what might happened and what shall I do?  p.s.  I just moved to a different city than the one I took the surgery,  so it's hard to find the original doctor to do a follow up test
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I had this happen to me when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. My suggestion is to not worry about it too much. Rest your jaw and put heat on it. My jaw actually came apart finally after that surgery when I was singing along with the radio. I remember it had been locked for quite some time, like a week. Don't panic too much!
i had like this for a week and my right side of the jar is still not opening wider does it take more time to heal completly?
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Thanks for answering.  But a month already passed.  it's getting better but still I can't open my mouth wide enough for a big sandwich...
are you able to open your mouth now, if so how long did it take.  I'm having the same issue
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WARNING! I'm sure you have already resolved this issue, hopefully, but I must share my experience with those that may be googling their symptoms and see this post.

This happened to me after my wisdom teeth were removed.  I couldn't open my mouth and it was very difficulty to swallow.  There was way too much swelling.  GO TO AN ORAL SURGEON immediately.  It was almost too late for me.  They have to fly me via helicopter to Vanderbilt Medical center for emergency surgery.  I almost died.  

Get a professional - an oral surgeon or emergency room (to check your WBC and get a CAT scan)!!  I hope this helps someone ...
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OMG!We're the same!Even though a month has already passed, I cant still open my mouth until now. Im preparing for my braces but i still cant have my braces because I cant open my mouth.Its been a year now since you had the operation, can you now open your mouth? Maybe we have the same situation..I'm looking forward for your reply.=)
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i'v had my wisdom teeth taken out 5 days ago, my tongue is still completely numb on the right side and swallon. Is it going to stay like this? Also i cant open my mouth still and when i do it barely opens and i get a wicked bad headack- Can anyone help me?
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I would talk to the surgeon as soon as you can. Numbness can occur but they know best and why its happening.

During the surgery, the mouth gets open very wide and its held like that for a period of time and puts some stress on the jaw joints. They are also pulling the teeth out which puts more pressure on the jaw (i won't give more details), but there is a lot of pressure. This can aggrivate the jaw muscles and ligaments holding your jaw in place that allow it to open and close. This FREQUENTLY occurs, but should resolve with REST. The muscles can respont to heat or ice whatever feels better. Usually though, with swelling, you want to put ice on for 15 mins and then take it off for a while, then reapply.

If its quite sore, you should talk to them about what you can do to remedy that, or take over the counter medications at your discretion.

question/comment: if you grind your teeth, this could also be a problem and is making the above situation worse, so if you know you do that, mention that to your doctor. If you can't contact your surgeon, see a dentist! they can get you to the right people!

PS: stress, eating hard foods/types you have to chew lots, laughing/emotions, all use those muscles that are sore or tight, so try to limit those things in your life and take it easy for a while.
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