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constant aching legs with muscle spasms

My mother is 86 years old and was diagnosed with high cholesterol, rather than taking prescription drugs she opted to take Red Yeast Rice +COQ-10.  She took 2 tablets for 2 - 3 months.  Her cholesterol decreased dramatically but she began to get aching legs and muscle spasms.  She has now discontinued the Red Yeast Rice - 3 weeks ago - but the pain in the legs continues.  She is usually very active but is now finding it difficult just to get outside.  The pain progressively worsens through the day when walking and standing.  Sitting down will relieve the pain.  In searching the Internet it seems she may have had a reaction to the Red Yeast in which there was a break down of the muscles.  If this is the case what can be done to correct this?  If not are there any other suggestions you may have they would be greatly appreciated!
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Seeing an othopedic surgeon or rheumatologist is advised.
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