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me again---pain patch for TMJ pain?

Has anyone ever used a pain patch for their TMJ pain?  have some Lidoderm patches, which contain 5% Lidocaine, which I have for my fibaro and spine problems. I just got back from Reno, Nv, which was an 1143 mile round trip. The trip down was fine, but the trip back today was in rain, hail, wind and snow. Needless to say now in more pain than ever. I had a massage while there, concentrated on the head, neck and shoulders. Masseuse commented I had a major major amt of tight muscles and knots. (Gee, I already knew that! ) I've been home an hr and half, and still am "buzzing". I hate to take too much vicodine, but wondered about the patch. Any answer appreciated. Thanks.
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I've used these on a limited basis for my TMD patients with mixed results.  It was not effective enough for me to continue prescribing them.  This and all other medications are pain management tools and don't address the cause, so don't eliminate pain.  Vicodin and other opiod pain medications have been shown not to be the treatment of choice for chronic pain, and alter sleep architecture adversely.  I suggest finding a well qualified and experienced TMD/orofacial pain specialist to help you diagnose and treat the cause of these symptoms.    TMJDoc
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I have bad TMD too, but have never heard of this patch until I read your post. I've had a previous injection into my joint with lidocaine, which was more painful than it did any good. But the doctor's post is right-- its not really helping why you're having the pain. What other things are you doing for yourself? What have you tried that hasn't worked? Maybe I can try something that you've tried that's new to me :) I find travelling by car quite painful for me. I feel any bump in the road in the muscles and often find myself clutching my face for dear life. I take regular pain medication as well, the key word is REGULAR. I would suggest also going to a chronic pain specialist to discuss pain control options for you.

Good luck to you!!!

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