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pain in my teeth

is anybody who have tmj  and have constant pain in the teeth only in the right side is like something is pulling my upper teeth is a horrible pain no pills take the pain  they say i have tmj plus a bunch of oher things  the back of my head and my showelders are in a lot of painis like my all body is going crazy is  any body who  have a lot of pain in the teeht  please  tell me what can help  my new thing right know is taking  something call tmj relief plus a bunch of new vitamins if is helping don,t know yet please any body  anything will help god bless all my internet friends     ps ineed to know if any bodythey don,t feel so much pain  only when  you have something in you mouth  like me i need to keep something in my mouth all the time  sorry for my writing
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Hi there,
back, head and shoulder pain can all be symptoms of the TMJ. We're all connected from head to to and if one is out of line, they all go out! I know how that feels.

TMJ can happen for a lot of reason, but if your teeth are very crooked or the don't fit straight, it puts a lot of pressure on the jaw. It can happen if you've had an accident too, or from stress, or grinding at night. Uneven teeth can touch and make it very sore. TMJ is also a type of nerve pain, so there may be something related with your teeth.

Have you seen a dentist about this pain? if you have not, please do!!! Let them know what you've been feeling. They can find out if there are any TMJ specialists near you. Most regular doctors don't know how to treat dental problems well and will give you pills. Reducing pain is necessary but to elliminate the problem you  need to find the source of the problem!!!

your pain might get better when you have something in your mouth, because to hold something in your mouth, you must close your jaw a little bit, and that may take pressure off of the problem spot.

Do an online search to reduce TJM symtoms. The main things are things we can try and do everyday. sleep well, exercise daily, dont chew hard or chewy things, heat/ice, antiinflammatories, gentle jaw exercises, stretching from jaw to neck to upper body. If you can make your whole body well, your jaw will feel better too, so work on the things you have control over!

If your teeth are causing pressure, a lot of times they can fix it by normal dental procedures. they may offer you to wear a splint at night to prevent grinding/pressure.

good luck my dear! please try eveything you can... oh and massage, its great!!! pills get you to the point where you can go on with your day, but without fixing the issue, it wont get better!
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TMJ symptoms can mimic or feel like the pain is coming from your teeth. I have seen many people have multiple root canals by doctors that do not know much about TMJ. Have an evaluation as dana007 states by a TMJ specialist to understand what is going wrong. Good luck and much healing to you.
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