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something on my lips

past three years i've been thinking its herpes but after a few questions asked here and there i've finally said to myself it's not herpes!! i even asked my college doc and she said "it's very unusual, it doesn't look like herpes"!!

**First time  when i asked a question on this site was the following****i have had these herpes looking like blister/dots since 17 and im now 20..its on the upper lip but the inside(when i yawn u can clearly see them) like 10-15 on the left side and 10-15 on the right side..they have never hurted/stung, never disappeard, never crusted.. is this herpes??or is this something else?? plz help

anyways i've noticed that when i keep my mouth as dry as possible they slowly flaten...esspecially when i go to sleep then wake up the next day!! i do bellive they have fluid in it cause i've poped them a few times!!
would you know what this is???
and how can i keep my mouth open and dry with out accidentally licking my lips???
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are you on any medications? anything?

surely the Dr would have noticed if it were thrush but thrush follows antibiotics (usually long term) and I've never heard of it lasting 3 years- are maybe on long term antibiotics for acne or something?

home remedy was what worked best for my baby-

after drinking his bottles, we put undiluted vinegar applied with Q tip- he didn't even cry and it was gone in a week
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