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tooth extraction cause flare up of TMD pain?

Today I had the 2nd upper molar on the right side removed. I also have an internal derangment of the T-M Disc. As well as being in pain from the tooth removal, it feels like I may be getting another flare of pain from the joint disc displacement. Anyone else have this happen? The last time I had a severe pain flare that lasted 7 weeks. I really don't want to go thru that again! I have been taking the perscribed pain pills,resting, and icing my jaw. Any other suggestions to ward off a flare? Thanks for any info.
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Is the prescribed medication ibuprofen?  Because, if not, you might want to check with your dentist about switching to it, as it was the only medication recommended for me with TMJ flare up, and then cyclically.  Resting and ice sound like the right things to be doing.  I assume you are doing a soft diet with the tooth pull, so that base is likely covered too.  When you yawn, you probably already know to hold your chin with a couple of fingers or something to keep from going too wide.  Also, you might want to limit your intake of sugar for right now, as sugar I've heard is not a good thing for inflammation.
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Good Morning
I take neurontin, tramadol, and baclophen on a daily basis. The oral surgeon gave me Lortab for the extraction pain. This morning I can only open my mouth about halfway, so am probably on the way to a flare up of the TMD. The pain from the extraction site is not as much as I expecte3d, which is good as I have to go to work today. 10hr shifts 4x a week. I am on a soft diet. He recommended things like noodles, pudding, yoghurt, etc. which all contain sugar. I did not know that sugar could cause inflamattion. He didn't really say how long to stay on soft diet. Probably just expected me to increase foods as I tolerate them. Any idea how long that might be?

After it heals up, I will go in to get the splint made, in hopes of realigning the jaw and reducing the disc displacement. They didn't say what the percentage of the time it works. Any idea? Having lots of degenerative arthritis in my body, I'm not sure it will. And he did say the other side of my jaw will probably eventually have the same problem. I want a whole body transplant into a 20year old!!! LOL. Thanks for the reply.

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Dear patient
A "cocktail" of Rx meds is not the answer to your problems. First of all your prior condition of TMJ issues should have been a red flag for the dentist who extracted your teeth. 2nd yes a prior condition of TMJ issue will exacerbate this problem during extractions, root canals, cleanings, etc. You need to see a dentist who can properly diagnose and treat your TMJ condition, to prevent future flare ups.
Please refer to www.top3dentist.com or www.aacfp.com.
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I am taking the medications I mentioned for other medical conditions. The only thing the Oral Surgeon perscribed is the Lortab. It has been recommended that I have a bottom splint made for the internal derangment, but it could not be made unbtil the molar was pulled. It was dropping down from my jaw and twisting, as there was no matching bottom tooth. We discussed the possibility of a flare-up of pain, but it needed pulled. It also had a cavity on the side of the tooth next to the one in front of it. No way to fill it. I've read the pros and cons of a splint having a successful outcome, but no recommendation of what else might be recommended. My problem isn't stress related or from grinding my teeth. I have degenerative osteo-arthrits througout my spine. Anything besides the splint you might suggest? Thank you for your help.
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Dear Patient
Sorry to hear about your condition of degenerative osteo-arthrits. As you already know your type of arthritis is caused by breakdown of the cartilage of the joints. Especially hand, feet, and spine, especially weight bearing joints. Unfortunately the medical literature's do not mention the jaw joints which are also weight bearing joints. I am not trying to give you a diagnosis online, but it could be also a possibility. Unfortunately there isn't much of a treatment for this condition except avoiding activities that exert excessive stress on the joint cartilage.The goal of treatment in osteoarthritis is to reduce joint pain and inflammation while improving and maintaining joint function.
As far as your jaw joints. Based on your description of your bite (loss of molars) your bite causes excessive pressure on the jaw joints. Causing torque and twists in the bones and joints. A properly fabricated lower orthopedic splint should help you in reducing these stresses and ultimately cause normal functioning joints without compression.
Again I must strongly advise, due to your condition you need to find someone who is properly trained in fabricating these type of splints. A regular dentist and even an oral surgeon do not qualify to handle and treat your treatment.
As in my last e-mail I provided you with references where you could find someone who is qualified. If you want you can let me know your location I might be able to help you to find a qualified person.  
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Thank you very much for your replies.
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