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Jaw pain, TMJ??

Hello all,

I have been having jaw pain for the last month now. I am unable to open my mouth more than a certain extend, not only because the pain is terrible, but also because it justs doesn't open. The jaw pain is coupled with ear pain and sometimes I feel pain when I am chewing also.
I visited a dentist who reached the conclusion (after taking an xray) that my wisdom tooth MAY be the reason of all this, because it has an abnormal direction, pushing the other teeth.
Another dentist told me that since my wisdom tooth has not surfaced yet (it is only visible on the xray) he thinks it is unlikely that the wisdom tooth is related to the jaw pain.
However, my dentist scheduled me a surgery in a week from now, to remove the wisdom tooth and see whether my condition improves.
My worry is that, from what I have read on the internet, there is a possibility that I have Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) BUT none of the doctors has mentioned this to me!!
If we assume that I have TMJ, is there a chance that if I remove the wisdom tooth, my condition will get worse?? Which doctor specialty can diagnose TMJ and do you think I may have TMJ?

Thank you very much in advance, your advice will be greatly appreciated!
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hi! i understand your fears-i spent about 6 weeks going down the wrong road because we thought i was having inner ear issues (did have some fluid in my ear initially) but when i told my dr i could't chew or open my mouth all the way-coughing, sneezing, laughing-all EXTREMELY painful-she looked at the actual joint and foud that it was inflamed. she rec. getting a mouthguard for at night in case i was grinding my teeth while sleeping and going to and ear, nose and throat dr to determine if it was caused by facial neuralgia. so you may need to see your primary and then an ear nose and throat. this pain is no joke, don't let anyone not take you seriously! it affects your sleep and everything!! best of luck to you-feel better!!
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Removal of wisdom tooth probably has no effect on tmj symptoms, unless wisdom tooth has occlusal contact with opposing tooth. Limited jaw oping is generally caused by muscle spasm or disc displacement, or both. Seeing a competent tmj specialist is advisd.
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