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Severe jaw pains

I recently had a wisdom tooth pulled from my top left side.  The area has healed correctly and seemed fine.  Now my whole left side of my face is in severe pain.  Putting orajel on the teeth on that side doesn't help at all.  The pain stops for a half an hour if I place orajel on the jaw joint inside my mouth.  The pain is becoming unbearable and interrupting my sleep since I am up every half hour to put on more orajel and taking tylenol.

What could cause this type of pain and who do I need to see?  Should I go back to the dentist even though my teeth only seem to hurt in conjunction with the jaw?  Or should I see a doctor since the pain is in my ear, jaw, head and a little in my neck?  Also, I looked up jaw pain and saw some exercises that can be done to alleviate jaw pain.  I did the exercises and the pain in my jaw practically exploded.  Also, my jaw feels really fatigued like I have been doing a LOT of chewing when I haven't been really eating any solids because of the pain.  Please help.
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There are few things you need to rule out such as:
Undiagnosed caries, infections, sinusitis, muscle spasm, ear problems, loose bone splints in the extraction site, and lastly TMJ.
So I would first consult your general dentist, then the person who did the extraction, MD, ENT, TMJ expert.
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Seeing a tmj specialist and ENT is advised.
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