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Constant light pain in testicle

Hi,I am just about to turn 15.My right testicle hurts for 2-3 months,it's light pain that happens often.I did a self exam(it is a bit hard with a painful testicle) and noticed the tissue around the painful testicle is harder than around the normal testicle.It is very lightly swollen and only noticeable when touching it.The pain always occurs while touching or moving the testicle.It doesn't hurt when I ejaculate.
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Having pains in your testicle and noticing changes is not something that is normal but there is no way to tell what is going on without a physician taking a look and hopefully, having a scrotal ultrasound. This way you will know for sure what is causing the pains and that will at least give you peace of mind. If it were me, I'd contact my physician or a urologist.

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