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Does Ultrasound show the back side of the testicles


I have been suffering from testicular pain for a while now. The pain is on the back side of my right testicle. my doctor ordered an ultrasound and it turned out to be normal. The U.S Tech did not probe the back side of the testicles. She moved the transducer only on the front side and even the U.S pictures show the front side of the testicles. My question is does U.S show the entire testicle(front, back and sides) or is it like a camera pic where you can only see the front portion. Please advise. Also the U.S tech told me that they dont generally check the epididymis body and tail. Is it normal to skip these areas.

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I am not totally familiar with the ultrasound protocols. However, if you still have symptoms then I would not hesitate to go back to the doctor and perhaps a repeat ultrasound would deliver additional information.
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