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Is it a Testicular Cancer

Dear SIR, I would like to start from beginning as 7 years earlier I had a unusual growth in one of my Testicle size of a "Peas", so i got it diagnosed by ultra sound test and doctor evaluation found a infection, so doctor gave me a Antibiotics and told me that it will go away (But get married fast as it might leave scar on Testis). But due to my negligence I have stopped taking those pill after 3-4 months. After that in so many years its growth increased and changed the shape of my right testis and left one too. Now after seven years I have found my Right Epididymis Vain is very hard like a " wooden stick" so I got worried and saw a doctor as it could be a Testicular Cancer, the doctor suggested me FNAC test and color Doppler with a good Pathologist, Please let me know if i can show you reports for your consideration and Advice.
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I am sorry to hear of your situation but glad to hear that you are having things evaluated by a physician and with a scrotal ultrasound. Unfortunately, we are not physicians so we would be of no help to you in reading your reports. If you are unhappy with your initial consultation with your physican, then you could always ask for a second opinion.
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