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Is it testicular atrophy or cancer?

Hi, I'm a 17 yr old whose left testicle has shrunk due to over masturbation. This happened when I was 15 and had typhoid and I decided to masturbate(I was addicted to masturbation). After I masturbated, my left testicle was hurting like hell....almost burning, especially on being touched. And I noticed it had grown much larger than the right one...after my typhoid was gone it shrunk to a smaller size than before......much smaller. That's how it has been ever since. It only hurts if I masturbate more than once in a day....which I rarely do these days, btw. So, is it testicular atrophy or something else? Like cancer, maybe?
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It is unlikely that excessive masturbation resulted in any serious health problems. It is more likely that your testicular atrophy was caused by prior torsion, infection, inflammation, or other insult. If your symptoms persist, see a urologist.
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