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Should I be worried?

As long as I can remember I have had a ball the size of a dime right next to my right testicle. When I was in my early teens I went to the doctor and had a ultra sound. They said it was just a mass of tissue that formed randomly. I'm now 24 and it hasn't changed at all and ive had no problems with it even had a kid. What worries me is the mercy hospital in my small town has a history of messing up tons of surgeries and just missed diagnosing in general. Pretty much saying I dont trust this hospital. So do you think I should follow up with a hospital in a big city a hour away?
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If you have had this for years and it has not changed the odd are that it is not cancer as your ultrasound previously showed. However, bing confident in your physicians is important and I would never argue against a second opinion if you would like to get one.
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